Engagements for all!

The world is very small.

My friend Jenny from college got engaged recently too! Gio and she got engaged on the 19th. I have no flattering pictures of them together, so the one on the right will have to do (at least for now).

Jenny went to school with me and was acquainted to me through Emily, my favorite roomie. Giovanni and she have been together for almost a year and are actually moving into their home together in July. With that said, Jenny is already miles ahead of me in wedding planning. She's actually already looked at a few wedding facilities already with her mom and has an idea of a place that she'd like. To be fair though, she's on the coastline so she's got quite a few choices available to her. All I know is that Trevor and I mutually agree that September is our preferred month for a wedding.

And my friend Cathy has been engaged for quite some time now but since she lives in Montana I haven't heard a peep from her in years. She's asked Kim to be her maid of honor so Kim's clearly very excited about it, though she hasn't seen Cathy in about as long as I have. They were very close though when Cathy was still in CT since they were both the smoky girls. Being a non-smoker I loved hanging out with them, but often found it difficult to be in their smoke-filled company for long stretches before feeling woozy.

I started browsing dresses online, and I think I saw one that is perfect for me, but you never know how something will look until you try it on. Plus, apparently wedding dress sizes are wonky and totally different than standard dress sizes so I have no idea of what size I would be. I'm a little torn about bridesmaids dresses though because it will ultimately affect the theme of the wedding. Whatever color I pick will be an ongoing theme throughout my entire wedding and I don't want to have, for example a cotton candy pink wedding just because I like pink dresses.

Trevor has discussed having 4 groomsmen. I don't really have that many close friends now that I'm not in school. I've lost touch with many people that have moved away. I can only think of 3 girls I'd like to be my bridesmaids so far. I got to work on that whole...friend...thing.

I've been eating like a bum since we got back from Japan. I kind of want to make cream puffs though so maybe if I have more energy tomorrow I'll start on that. I have some pistachio pudding mix that's calling out to be used creatively.

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