Dinner with Kim

I just got back from dinner and shopping with Kim.

Now that she's single she's a heck of a lot more available to hang out with. It was pretty fun though we didn't meet any boys for her. Ahem, I mean men for her.

But anyway, tomorrow is dress shopping day. =) Kim invited me out on Saturday with some of her new pals but I'm going to Trevor's cousin Chris' graduation party since we already RSVP-ed weeks ago. Plus it'll be nice to see the Medford side of Trevor's family. Oh and Devin (Trevor's younger brother) is coming up from Philly for the occasion and I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving.

I think Trevor's family is great; plus it'll be nice to see everyone now that they all know we're engaged. Clearly every family has their quirks, but overall I think that everyone on Trevor's side has been nothing but nice to me. I know my family is a tad more frigid to Trevor, but I think it's just hard when a lot of the older ones don't speak English. All the kids are very fond of Trevor.

My friend Jenny called me back and we chatted a little bit about engagement stuff. Apparently she already booked a place for her wedding in July, which is much more than I've done. lol But I already know what color scheme I want, the style of dress, the invitations, and the favors, the wedding band...so all the small details are decided on. I just can't pick a place yet because everyone has to like it. And by everyone I mean Trevor and my parents.

I miss her and Emily. I feel like I never see them anymore now that we're living in different places. Maybe we'll do our yearly NYC trip later this summer.

Eh, I'll worry more after the summer passes. Right now is the height of wedding season and clearly not a time to negotiate with anyone since every vendor is raking in money hand over fist now. The notion of supply and demand dictates that right now is the absolute worst time to negotiate any wedding plans, flowers, catering, chair rental...etc. etc. I'm truly more a product of business school than I thought I was.

I'm poooooooped out. Tomorrow doesn't look to be any less draining if we're doing wedding dress things. Those bad boys are heavy. I was pooped after only 5 dresses the last time. I hope that I can find the one though. I know it's ridiculously early to be getting the dress, but I'd like to be at least a little bit done with my wedding purchases. I figure if it's too overpriced for my dream dress that I can also take down the style number info and shop around. Also, if I can buy it online then I can avoid paying sales tax, which doesn't seem like a lot but if you're dropping a couple hundred bucks it adds up.

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