Monday, June 25, 2007

Engagement Party/Six Flags

So I think after having slept on it that I agree that Kim and Mat need (at very least) some time apart to get their acts together and get their priorities in check.

I'm an eensy bit sad that I'm not single and able to be single with Kim again. I don't miss being single and meeting loser after loser but I miss how close she and I were. I miss the endless weekends together going to the beach, or shopping, or going dancing and getting all dolled up.

You can't go back in history though, and I wish her the best with the latest round of dating. I think it's a little different when you're young because you have such big social networks. As I get older my network gets smaller and smaller, but then again I've become a bit of a homebody. Partially that's my own fault. I think Kim's a bit better off if only because she's a lot more social than I am and she's much nicer. lol

The engagement party Saturday went well. I didn't really get any wedding planning advice but I did get to see a lot of my family and both Trevor and his mom seemed to not be entirely bored so all in all, it was a good time.

And on Sunday I spent the day with Kim at Six Flags. It was nice to spend one on one time with her. And it's good to hear that after the initial shock wore off that she's still holding fast to her guns and she's devoted to focusing on her life. After that we came home and had some stuffed peppers Kim made and brought over.