Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bye Bye RPSC

Unfortunately Trevor's friend Jerry had a family thing come up and canceled our little get together on Thursday. On the bright side we got to go out and get some sushi mid-week since were all dressed up with no where to go. Since Jerry is a grown woman with a husband and kids of her own I totally understand that things happen. Maybe we can try to get together another time.

Friday was my last day working on the service center. Even though they threw me an early going away lunch the prior week my fantastic coworkers got together and decorated my cube (in my wedding colors no less!) and got a dozen donuts for us to nosh on. I will miss them very much though we'll still be in the same office so I'm sure they won't be seeing the last of me. Even on my last day I was doing work; which most other people would probably not be doing but I figure I don't want to leave my team in a lurch during one of the busier times of the year. I cleaned my cube, packed up a box of personal items, recycled 2 years worth of memos, job aides, tax charts and quality reminders, worked on 2 quality reviews, helped my replacement get her things in order with spreadsheets she'd need, and helped my manager and the two assistant directors with their 6 month team averages for the review period. Why they couldn't do it themselves is beyond me.

I truly am nervous about how the office will go on without me. Even though I'm pretty much an underling I've somehow put my paws in everything and managed to assist in projects all the way up to the assistant vice president of our call center. I know that I'm supposed to be concerned about myself and my own career before that of others but I can't help but worry about people doing what used to be my work "wrong." But apart from that I'm very excited to learn something new and it'll be good for me to expand my repertoire.

I'm excited about my brunch tomorrow. It's a stunning day out today so hopefully that keeps up for tomorrow as well. Other than that I don't have too many things on my "to do" list. I was considering going to the craft store to buy some floral tape and wire. If I got some cheap flowers, even from the grocery store, I could experiment with putting together a nice bouquet
and go through the motions. You really never know how a project will go until you start doing it.

In other news I got a small quote put together from Avon Old Farms Inn for a wedding, but for $70 a head I'd have to make a lot of compromises that I don't necessarily want to do yet. I don't really want to have a Friday evening wedding or a Saturday morning one either to accomplish getting that price. But I think $70 a person is very generous for a decent meal and appetizers considering that I'll have to pay more money for a DJ, flowers, hair, tuxes, photographer...etc. too.

I suppose the search is still on for the perfect reception area.