Martinis and Hair

I'm excited to have the gown squared away with and the more I think about it, it's truly the ideal dress for me. I felt like all the other dresses were gorgeous but that they were so over the top that they wore me; I didn't wear them.

I'm surprised that my fiance wasn't more upset about my getting a gown. I think he was more surprised that it was so drama-free and easy. But I'm not really a drama kinda gal anyway. I've been surprisingly definitive regarding my wedding so far mostly because I know exactly what I don't want. Once you know what you don't want, it leaves you with a very small selection of options to choose from.

I'll probably be growing out my hair for the upcoming year. I usually get frustrated around May and chop it off but clearly I need a little length to pull off an up-do that won't just fall down in 10 minutes. I've found the basic idea of what I want to do with my hair. I like that look and I think it'll bode well with my dress. I don't know if it'll go with me and my face shape and proportion yet, but that's what hair trials are for. And I'd like for it to be pulled back slightly to the side, so that the other side can have a nice big flower or something. Some kind of accent piece. I'm anti-veil, anti-tiara so I think it'll be important to have something going on with my hair to make up for that.

I am not sure however of what kind of jewels I'll be wearing. I have my eye on a bracelet of my mother's but I'm not 100% about wearing a necklace or earrings. I don't like the idea of being done simply for the sake of being done but maybe I'll change my mind once I have it all put together. After all, my dress is a little on the plain side so it may balance out my ensemble to have something else that's a little flashy.

I have also purchased some martini sets to use as centerpieces. It sounds odd now, but I feel like it can be pulled off. The big one can either be filled with flowers, candy or floating candles. And since we have the little ones we can use them as favors and fill them with jordan almonds or something and tie them up with tulle to prevent spillage. I don't know how I feel about the little bottom rims being different colors, but that can be remedied with a little ribbon.

I actually wasn't aware that people took centerpieces. It's a more recent thing where I've noticed that people physically walk out of the room with them my own opinion, it looks wildly tacky. Even if I really like someones centerpiece I'm not at all motivated to swipe it. 1.) Because there's probably not enough room for it and me in the car. 2.) I don't really like plants all that much; I'm very talented at not watering them 3.) I feel like it's probably crap I don't need to take home with me because I'll inevitably end up throwing it in the garbage. However, knowing in advance that they'll probably be taken I don't care to put too much money into them. lol No orchids and crystal vases for me.

I like the idea of fruit in lieu of flowers on the tables. I dunno if I'll run with that idea, but I like that you can at least eat fruit. Try as you may, flowers just aren't quite as tasty.

In other non-wedding news (because truly my life has become all wedding all the time) we're going to The Cape this weekend for the fireworks. Mind you, I'm sort of Caped out after two summers of it so I'm not wildly excited yet but it should be fun nonetheless to see all of Trevor's cousins and their friends. I'm not so into the beach now that I'm anti-wrinkle, anti-sun. Next weekend Trevor's old co-worker is throwing us an engagement party thing. I don't have any details yet, but I imagine it'll be dinner and drinks. Apparently she reserved some space for us at a bar somewhere in Hartford for the festivities and invited a number of other old coworkers.

I think it's very nice of them to think of us. My coworkers threw me an early going away luncheon this past Tuesday. It was very nice and even came with cake and an AmEx giftcard as a little going away present. =) They had to throw it early though because of statement time and the fact that it'll be much busier in the coming weeks than it is now. I'll miss my coworkers, but I certainly will not be missing statement times. Bleck.

I'm also starting to contemplate attendants gifts a lot. I don't want to cheap out and get stupid gifts, but I don't want to break the bank since I'll clearly have to buy four of everything. Decisions, decisions.

I'm considering a few venues right now. Trevor and I will have to start planning appointments sometime next week and on. Since it seems to matter much more to him how everything looks and the layout of the facility it's necessary to drag him along even though I know that he hates the very idea of wedding planning. But on the plus side, once we have a date set and a venue he won't have to do anything other than pick out some groomsmen and tuxes.

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