Sunday, August 26, 2007


Ughhhhh my head hurts. I'm having a small fit of allergies & it's a shock to my system to feel so crummy.

Apart from's been a pretty good weekend. It's been a very food-y weekend. They opened up a Price Chopper in Windsor so they've been having opening sales and I stocked up on pretty much the best of everything. We had lobsters for dinner on Friday, Salmon on Saturday and Steaks today. It's not often that we splurge on such good savory foods, but it's also nice because we grilled everything and Trevor had a dominant hand in food prep this time.

I'm a control freak in the kitchen. I'm not a control freak anywhere else really, it's just specifically food and kitchen related. I'm working on it, but I find that I can't help but get anxiety watching Trevor do something in the kitchen.

Anyway...we ate like kings this weekend so I'm sure that I'll kick myself if I'm not healthy all work-week long. Susan's wedding is next Sunday too so clearly there will be much celebration. She's so cute, I got her thank you card this week for the shower gifts. I hope she's doing okay since it's so close...I'm sure I'll be a mess this same time next year.

I'm feeling good so far. I got some cute Unisa shoes this weekend on sale that I intend to use for my wedding. They're really comfy. I'm a notorious shoe addict, but comfort is not something I usually care about when I'm shopping. Clearly it's important that I can enjoy my wedding day without being crippled by my sore feet so I had to try on what feels like a million shoes before finding something I felt 100% comfortable in.

I can't find the exact shoe, but this is very much like it except the straps are a little different and mine are taupe with gold piping instead of white.I feel like I could walk in these all day. The moment I put them on I knew they were good for dancing in. On the other hand I also bought some va-va-va voom Guess? shoes. I think every girl needs a pair of shoes that make her feel hot.

These clearly were not purchased with comfort in mind but I love them. I've worn them around the apartment all weekend. lol

PSA: Wet Seal/Contempo Casuals is having a sale. If you like cheap clothes on sale it worth taking a peek. It's nothing you want to wear to work, but it's good umm...what I'd call disposable tops that are trendy and you know won't survive more than one season.