Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dream a little dream

Do you ever dream that you woke up?

I had one of those dreams today when I was totally convinced I was already awake and I peeked out the window to see that it was snowing. While the weather is hardly gorgeous, it's certainly not going to snow in September. But, I always end up a little disoriented when I actually wake up because it feels a little bit like deja vu, except this time minus the snow.

It's probably too early for posting, but I'm up and Trevor is not. I can't seem to sleep in late the way I used to.

I have absolutely no plans this weekend, which is actually pretty refreshing. Kim's off with her boyfriend in Boston. Ni's back in Cali. It's kinda cruddy outside too so I'm sure that stunts my desire to accomplish anything. I'm usually very task oriented. I don't even have a menu planned out.

But I'm lazy and I just want mindless dribble to entertain me. -> I'm not at the point where I'd want a baby yet, but you can't help but oooh and ahhh over all the adorable pictures. When I'm bored at work it's good G-rated material. It also makes me aware that babies are big business. The business student inside of me never realized how much money new parents drop on their youngin's on organic food, special high tech bottles, no slip hair clips for little girls...the list of seemingly unnecessarily commodities boggles the mind. Who knew they even made $900 strollers?

Oh, before I forget to review it, the Everyday Minerals makeup was really good. I don't have like scars or anything, I just want something light to even out some blotchiness and cover up some shininess. They have four formulas of coverage depending on your skin type, which I think is pretty cool since not everyone likes the same level of coverage. I'm combination so I find the semi-matte perfect. And I now realize that you have unlimited free samples (again you have to pay shipping) but the only limitation is that you can only request one free sample kit per order. So even if you don't find your perfect shade right off the bat you can still keep on trying before committing to a full size pot. The samples are actually pretty generous though the pots are small, so it's really difficult to do the "swirl and tap" without getting way too much product but if you have other empty makeup containers it's no inconvenience at all. I don't think it's a miracle product the way all the TV infomercials seem to make it out to be, but it's the best kind of face powder I've tried. I always find makeup to either be too pink or too orange and this actually looks normal. Be forewarned that you will need makeup brushes to apply the product because it doesn't come with any applicators. Thankfully for me Kim got me a makeup brush kit as a gift for me last year so I came prepared.

For someone who doesn't wear makeup regularly I'm very picky about it. I'm a contact wearer, so I cannot tolerate any makeup that irritates my eyes. (As it is cigarette smoke and pollen create more than enough discomfort for my liking.) And I take great pride in good skincare (Vichy) so I refuse to wear anything that will clog my pores and give me breakouts. I'm not blessed with perfect skin; quite the contrary in fact so I am constantly looking for the next great product at a reasonable price.