Saturday, September 1, 2007

E.L.F Review

I've heard a little buzz about this makeup line called E.L.F, which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. A lot of fashion magazines have been mentioning them.

They sell makeup at $1 a pop, which of course is Wet 'n Wild level cheap. I had a coupon code, for an additional 50% off their already cheap prices and I figure it couldn't hurt to give it a go. The discount basically negated the cost of shipping, which is $5. I bought about $10 worth of stuff and I'll review what I got.

-The All over Color stick sucks. I got it in Persimmon & it's way shimmery. It doesn't look pink it all, it just looks silver on your skin. I tossed it almost immediately. Don't even bother considering it. It's not good as a lipstick, shadow or blush.

-Clarifying Pressed Powder is okay. I got tone 2 since I figure I'm not pale as a ghost or Irish and I'm never the darkest shades because while I'm ethnic I'm not the darkest girl I know. They only offer 4 tones so I thought it was pretty straightforward. But unfortunately tone 2 on me looks just a tad too orange. It's also about half the volume of say...CoverGirl's pressed powder compact. But for $1 it's fine, and it'll force you to replace your makeup more regularly. There's no mirror in the compact but it does come with a puff to apply your powder.

-Brightening Eye Liner in Plum. It's okay. I don't think you can really mess up eye liner. On the plus side it comes with it's very own sharpener. I'd say the pencil is about 4 inches long so you'll get a good amount of use out of it.

-The Super Glossy Lipshine w/ SPF 15 is fantastic. I know lipgloss; I buy it all the time and I probably have a dozen tubes littering my car, office, purses and bathroom. It's not sticky, it has a nice sheen and light scent they describe as Grape vanilla. I got it in Watermelon and it's really natural looking pink. If you want color get the darkest shades they offer.

-And I got a custom palette compact. Basically it's an empty compact that you can fill with 4 rounds. You can fill it with any shade of eye shadow, lipstick or blush. I got 3 eye shadows and 1 blush. You only need the tiniest bit of blush or you start looking like a harlot, but I suppose that as long as you have a light hand that it works just fine. Usually I favor bronzer over blush because it looks more natural. The eye shadow is fine, it goes on smooth and has a nice color when it first goes on. It's a little too shimmery for my taste but it does fade a bit so in about 5 minutes you look much less showgirl, but most eye shadows will do that and they won't let you pick your favorite shades. After wearing it all day long I find it stayed on pretty well and didn't crease. For $5, it's a great to have for your purse. Nice full size, but small enough to bring around with you plus you can swap out the rounds when you're done with them and add new ones in. It's all held together magnetically so you can re-use the case and swap out colors easily when you either run out or change your mind about shades.

I hear fantastic things about their brushes and bronzer. They have a ton of applicators and brushes. I got a pack of four powder puffs too since it's always good to replace those regularly. Nothing is animal tested. And they just updated their site with liquid eyeliner that I'd love try out. I highly recommend their lip gloss. Stay away from the Soothing Lip Gloss, it's way too sticky with a weird plastic-y mint smell but I hear good things about the others. I personally love when any product comes with SPF already in it.

I don't think I'll go and replace all my makeup with E.L.F, but I'd say it's on par with like CoverGirl and Revlon cosmetics and a great value for people who don't wear makeup all the time but want a few things for when they go out. It's also great because you don't feel guilty buying a ton of stuff and you can more easily find the shades that work for your coloring. The Custom Compact & the Lip Gloss are tops on my list.