Thursday, September 6, 2007


I'm one sleepy lady. I should go to bed at like 10 to avoid being a zombie all weekend too.'s been a short work week and suddenly it's already Thursday. Nini's supposed to be coming back home here to CT this weekend since she invited me to go to a BBQ on Sunday at her parents' house. She's dragging along her boyfriend so I'm happy to finally meet him. She'll also get to meet my Trevor at long last. (It's been a long time since I've last seen her...almost three years.) So I'm happy to be able to see her again since all through college I considered her one of my closest friends and I've asked her to be one of my bridesmaids. At this rate I won't see her again until my wedding day. lol

Otherwise there is much laundry to be done this weekend. Oh, and Kim's moving so I might drop in and lend her a hand. Yesterday we had a little pedi-party at Kim's pad in Springfield, which now that I think of it may have been one of the last times I'll be there. Kim & I have done little pedicure get togethers on our own, but this time Viki and Anya came too. I dragged along a few "clubby" shirts that I haven't worn in at least 2 years to see if anyone wanted them. I also took a red dress and a pair of sky-high black wedge lace up sandals. Kim claimed the shoes and dress and Anya took most of the other tops. We promised to do a clothing swap another day since everyone has tons of clothes that are perfectly good but just not worn regularly anymore. I have tons and tons of clothes I don't wear anymore since now that I'm a young professional I simply don't wear half of the cute, but work inappropriate clothes I have.

Ah, to be young, carefree and able to wear teeny tiny tops.

I guess that ever since Trevor and I moved in together our overall desire to go out and dress up has gone way down too. It used to be that every week or two we'd want to go out to the bar. But now it's so much easier to just stay inside and watch movies, browse the plethora of wedding stuff I still need to buy, and cook. To be fair, weddings are expensive...I need to save my pennies in favor of having a more blinged out wedding band. ;) At least I have well placed priorities.

I have a major desire to cook something fun this weekend too. I was thinking maybe whipping up something Thai. I love Thai food, and it's very fresh and healthy feeling, unlike my want for Chicken McNuggets since they keep running commercials about buy one get one nuggets.