Susan's Wedding

The Wedding on Sunday was lovely

Firstly, the weather was beautiful. I somehow found a suitable dress as the last moment. And we got out to the woods without getting lost or being late.

It really came together very well. The ceremony was a little off from the banquet hall and had a lot of tree cover so we didn't have to worry about being fried under the sun. The ceremony was pretty brief, but we clearly paid a lot better attention as a result. lol

The reception hall was very pretty as well. High open ceilings and there was an attached patio for guests to hang out. The patio was a huge hit because everyone was on it much of the night, particularly the smokers.

Susan and Sean looked so happy. Sean in particular seemed to be on cloud nine. The food was...okay. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there nor was I particularly comfortable since the AC was blasting. I gave up towards the end and wore Trevor's jacket.

The DJ could have been better, but Liza, Dino & Aunt Peggy managed to cut a rug all night long. Aunt Peggy did so even though she somehow injured her foot and was bleeding later in the evening. But even with that it was a very drama free day. I'm really quite surprised how smoothly everything went and how positive the entire day was. Everyone that came truly came to support Susan & Sean.
My contacts were going nuts toward the end so I was very excited about going home, though it was hardly a quiet night inside. My fiance, his brother and his two Boston cousins have a Beirut Beer Pong Tournament and since they were all together for the wedding they decided that evening was the time to do the tournament.

The plan was go to back to our apartment and then do the tournament out on the patio, but due to time flying by, the patio was locked by the time we were ready and we ended up doing it at Kim's house because she's such a kind hostess. The boys also convinced me that I am now part of their family and therefore that I must compete with them.

1.) I don't drink beer. 2.) I have no hand-eye coordination when it comes to throwing things. So I wasn't entirely interested in playing but I got bullied into it. Amazingly enough I beat Trevor, but I felt so bad because he legitimately wanted to win a lot more than I did. I didn't win the whole thing though. Devin did actually.

And since Kim was such a fantastic host to entertain my future family-in law I promised to hang out with her and some of her pals Monday at a nearby lake compound. Viki and Anya were very nice. Not like I thought they would be anything other than nice; they really had a big hand in getting Kim back on track after she had her big breakup with Mat.

We hung out, had some grilled burgers/hot dogs. We laid out on the beach chatting about boys and life. We took a dip though Kim was the only truly courageous one that did more than just sit and soak. Anya's this tiny little thing. She's like 5' tall and petite with white-blond hair and an Eastern European accent. Viki's about my height with strawberry blond hair and very outgoing. And she's practically my neighbor since she's only like four streets away from my apartment. After soaking up a good amount of sun we decided to go to the mall. I bought 2 blazers for work when I didn't think I would buy anything after my shoe blowout from last week. And Kim had what looked like handfuls of stuff since she wanted to take advantage of the Labor day sales. I didn't stick around for all that long at the mall though since Trevor wanted to go to dinner, and I like having dinner with my fiance as often as I can. I clearly see him all the time anyway but I like having that dinner-time routine where we can talk about our day. (I'm lame...I'm okay with it.)

Now I'm totally pooped out. I missed all my usual weekend beauty sleep. lol On the plus side, I did get to try out one of the Everyday Minerals Foundations and it was unbelievable! Where my eye makeup eventually looked faded and smudgy my face looked as though it glowed with healthiness. I really liked the blush, which was very natural looking.

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