Monday, September 24, 2007 the mail

I got my veil in the mail. I can't show a picture of it because Trevor might see it and although it's just a buncha fluff I don't want to ruin the surprise of what I'll look like on our wedding. But I just have to say it looks gorgeous. I never thought a bunch of fluff would make that much of a difference but when I inevitably tried it on I found that it made me look like a little angel...even with my stringy unkempt hair and nerdy-girl glasses.

I don't know what it'll look like with my I'll have to just wait and see. My wedding gown is waiting for me at my parents' house so hopefully everything looks how I imagine it in my mind. Though my wedding gown doesn't fit me in the slightest so I can't really just try it least not without a good deal of assistance to keep it from falling off my body.

It's exciting. Sometimes I'm surprised at how everything is falling together.