Wedding in...a box

Sometimes I'm desperate to cook. This particular weekend I felt like making some Thai Chicken Pizza. I got pre-made dough from the grocery store (it doesn't cost more than $1.50 and it's a heck of a lot easier than making it from scratch) and I topped it with garlic, a spicy peanut sauce, shredded carrot, scallion & cooked chicken pieces. In the last five minutes I put on the cheese because I find that when you make it at home the cheese gets burned really easily while you're waiting for the dough to cook. If you're cooking on a pizza stone or something the bottom is warmer than the top so I imagine that's why it's not a problem for professional pizza makers but I simply made due with my biggest cookie sheet and it worked just fine.

I don't like buying kitchen stuff that I won't get to use often or take up a ton of space in my little kitchen. I hope not to get too many kitchen things as shower or wedding gifts since I won't have room to store them. Oh, and to anyone considering it please do NOT get me a "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook because Emily has already expressed that she's getting me one.

And tonight was Tortilla Soup. I haven't made it before, but Trevor's a big fan of it when we go out so I did my best impression of it. I think next time it'd be good to make some cornbread to go along with it to offset the spiciness.

Tomorrow...I don't entirely have a menu planned out, but I've got tons of chicken leftovers to work with. I haven't heard from Nini yet, but I'm sure she's busy getting caught up with her folks. I'll give her a call tomorrow and hopefully the BBQ is still on; it's looking a lot like rain so I wouldn't be too surprised if it got postponed.

Oh and Trevor and I have decided to disclose as little information about our wedding reception as possible. After hearing about Susan's wedding for the better part of a year I had a picture of it that was much bigger and grander than it was. Even though it was a lovely wedding, because I had heard about it well beforehand I was still mildly let down when my imagination painted a much more intricate vision of what the day would be like. I don't want anyone to be let down by the wedding. If anything they should imagine that Trevor and I are getting married in a cardboard box because when the day comes it'll be all the more beautiful. So imagine it now with me...Cardboard Box!

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