Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kelly

Happy Birthday to me :)

I spent my morning at the mall with my parents. I bought a blouse at Express and my mom bought me a cute mini blazer and magenta tank top as a birthday gift to me...that I picked out. I didn't attempt to try and buy any kind of electronics today for fear of being totally trampled. I can't think of anything I need anyhow since I bought myself a digital camera last November, Trevor got me a mp3 player last February and I just bought this laptop this past summer before we went to Japan. Apart from my annoying Razr phone I can't think of anything else I'd like to upgrade but even that will be coming on it's 2 year renewal in January.

The food today was fantastic. Mom made a fantastic turkey and Chinese stir-fry with shrimp, squid, carrots, celery, napa cabbage and mushrooms. I just made the sides. Mashed potatoes, stuffing with cranberry, corn with chopped onions and baked sweet potatoes. Oh, and the cranberry bread, but by the end everyone was too full to partake of any because we overfilled ourselves with the fantastic turkey and gravy.

Trevor will be eating leftovers, but before I went on my cereal-for-lunch diet I would always like to concoct fun alternatives for turkey leftovers. My favorite being Turkey Salad Sandwiches because I personally do not like regular turkey sandwiches. It's a Chicken Salad except with turkey. It's even better with a pinch of toasted curry...but I'm a flavor addict and everything could stand to have some more spice.

Tonight I've promised to go out with Kim for some dessert and drinks on the town. I have already had 2 glasses of sparkling wine and a shot glass worth of Japanese Plum wine so I don't think that I'll be able to hold much more celebratory drinking for today. lol As I get older it's less and less a big deal to celebrate my birthday, but I do like to spend it with my parents because they actually remember the day that I was born and it's much more nostalgic for them that their baby is turning 25. I hope that eventually when I have babies that they'll remember me on their birthdays.

Now, 25 will be a very big year for me since it'll be the first year that I will be a Missus. It's quite momentous for me. I think that if I were to by some chance have been proposed to any earlier in my life that I wouldn't have been mentally and emotionally ready to settle down. And 25 is still quite young. In my school girl dreams I never thought I'd realistically get married before 27.

Update: We went out to Maximum Capacity in Chicopee where Anya works. It was pretty busy but fun. It's been literally a year or more since I've gone out dancing in lieu of swaying at the bar while sipping drinks. We all shook our booties out on the dance floor and it really reminded me of being 18 and going out dancing at Husky Blues at UConn. (They played "Closer" by Next "Pony" by Ginuwine, and "All about the Benjamins"...etc.) And because we were sweating out on the dance floor I didn't feel half as "boozey." Of course, I also felt my age because I was pooped around 12:30; I'm not used to dancing for hours and hours at a time anymore. But it was a lot of fun. I personally like dancing significantly more than being a barfly.

I bought Kim an xmas gift today so I might have some difficulty waiting for Christmas to give it to her. I can't help it; I'm a horrible keeper of presents because I want people to enjoy their gifts as soon as possible.

Speaking of gifts, I got a book about 2Gether from Emily!! Now, if you don't know about 2Gether you simply haven't lived in the early 2000's. I loved their horrible corny parody of the boyband phenomenon tv show. They also have a horrible made for tv movie by the same name. If you like horrible corny moves, a la Spice World, I would suggest it as a fluffy way to enjoy an hour or so of time.

My beloved got me 2 private dance lessons because I've been one of the millions who are riveted to "Dancing with the Stars" and I mentioned some passing interest in taking a dance class before our wedding so we could have a nice 1st dance. Trevor is clearly a keeper. :)