Saturday, November 3, 2007

What a Navel Idea

I decided to take out my navel ring. I know that doesn't seem like a terribly big deal, but since I've had my navel pierced since January of 2001, it's been almost 7 years and I think it's only natural that you start to think of it as an extension of yourself.

I mostly took it out because it started to feel really thin, like the bar was slowly pulling it's way out. And I'm at a point in my life where it's no big deal anymore. I'm hardly walking around in tiny tops and eventually I was planning on taking it out anyhow. (I don't think anyone wants to see a big bulbous pregnant belly trying to hold on to a tiny little piercing.) It's only been about two days and I'm actually surprised that it's healing so quickly. I imagine that in a few months you won't even notice anything was there to begin with.

I'm also excited about my new purse. I got a little Calvin Klein shoulder bag since the one Trevor got me has become worn at the strap and I was nervous about it snapping. It's a pretty camel colored leather bag. Mmm...leather. I know Coach is seemingly the king of moderately high priced purses of the mass market mall crowd, but I'm over cloth purses (for now) because they always get easily stained and worn and for the price I'd simply rather get another brand. Say what you will, but Calvin Klein is timeless, understated elegance and as I get older I get less interested in fads. One day I dream of having a beautiful lambskin Chanel purse.

Emily and my cousin Suong have purchased their bridesmaid dresses so I'm just awaiting Kim and Nini hopping on board too. In particular I should keep tabs on Ms. Nini since she's so much harder to keep in touch with, but she's all the way on the West Coast and I always forget to call her. I know 3 of the 4 girls seem to all be on board for the same dress so Ni is the lone standout, but since she's outnumbered I think she'll be bullied into it anyhow lol

Kim, Vicki and Anya are going out tonight and have invited me along but it's so dreary out. Part of me just wants to stay at home and cook. I'm not going to lie, I have far and away too much food in my home and I need to start cooking before my veggies go bad. The things that concern me are pretty tame these days, but I love to cook and when it's cold it's all the more enjoyable because it warms up the whole house.

Tonight I'm thinking about pizza. And by pizza I mean I'll use store bought dough, spin it the best I can to a nice thin crust and cover it with yummy toppings for my Trevor. It'll be a good excuse for me to turn on the oven and maybe I'll throw in a few brownies for good measure. I'm incredibly fond of hot baked goods fresh out of the oven. My favorite way of making brownies is throwing them into my cupcake tin so I don't have to slice them in the pan. It's good for portion control too because it's already thought out for you.

Update: I kept forgetting to do this before, but here's my jack-o-lantern...of sorts.

He's my Jack-o-Pin Head.