Kappys Run

Happy December!

It's crazy how fast it all runs by. I took Friday off because I've acquired PTO that I never used and will have to use before the end of the year. My beloved Trevor also took the day off so we had a little daytime adventure of doing our semi-annual run to Kappy's, a liquor store chain in Massachusetts. I had never heard of Kappy's before Trevor, but it's a chain and I'd liken it to the most Walmart-like Liquor store I know of. In our neck of the woods you cannot purchase wine or spirits from your grocery store so you have to go to a liquor, or as we call it, "Package Store." And yes, if you walk into a package store and expect to be able to send a package they'll know you're not from around here.

Colloquialisms aside, Kappy's is Trevor's favorite package store because they're quite large and therefore sell at a slight discount to their smaller mom and pop competitors. Hard Alcohol is always sold at a high markup, so any discount is an appreciated one. Not like Trevor and I drink a lot because we don't. We simply like to have mixed drinks, and to be able to make a variety of mix drinks you have to have a large variety of spirits to mix up. I don't know how much we have off the top of my head, but I'd argue that we have over a dozen bottles of spirits at our disposal. So if you want a Surfer on Acid, a Sex on the Beach, a Sand in your shorts, a Mudslide, or an Amaretto sour, we should be able to accommodate you as a guest of ours.

There are two Kappy's stores in Springfield, MA. It's kind of a hassle for us to go to though because it's not readily accessible via highway and Trevor decided it would also be a fantastic excuse to go and get some Papa John's Pizza because there are none around us. I personally only get excited about pizza when it's brick oven, but Trevor has a soft spot for Papa Johns and their garlic dipping sauce, which I'd liken to a liquidy butter garlic mixture. In any case, it was very good, but I'm sure that having not eaten anything until 2pm also made it that much more delicious.

After our adventures in Springfield, getting a little disoriented on the confusing and bumpy roads we watched Ocean's 13 back at home, which wasn't horrible but wasn't anywhere near as good as the other ones. And then I was off to spend some time with Kim whom I never seem to spend any one on one time with anymore since she works so much and then the rest of her free time is spent on the town. So we had a brief dinner at TGIFridays, chatted with Amanda and Kim's old manager Mike who work there. Kim thought the bartender was cute so she left him her phone number on the check. lol We then walked around the mall for a bit before everything started shutting down and went home to drink because we obviously restocked our bar and it seemed silly to not have a guest over to share it with.

I also already gave Kim her Christmas Present, not because I'm an impatient looney who can't remember when Christmas is, but because she kept talking about buying herself a new phone with an MP3 player and I actually purchased her an MP3 player and didn't want her to inadvertently end up spending more money on a fancier music phone when she wouldn't have to. I also got her the cutest little 2 Gig flash based clip-on MP3 player by Sansa and thought it was perfect for her active lifestyle and her gyming needs. It's teeny tiny, like the new IPod Shuffle, except I don't like IPods very much. I think they're fancy and all, but that you need to use their proprietary software is really wildly lame and inconvenient for me. Plus you can't take the music off your IPod and put it back on your computer, like if your system should crash. It's all for the sake of protecting music from being pirated, and I get that, but it's really annoying to not be able to simply drag and drop your music in and out.

Other than that it'd been a pretty chill weekend. Grocery shopping aside, it's been pretty much spent in front of the tv. I'm actually one of those weirdos that really like grocery shopping. I much prefer doing it in the middle of the week though so it's not as busy, but I still like wandering up and down the aisles, smelling the bread out of the bakery, looking at all the different frozen foods and mulling over the 80 million kinds of coffee available. I like wandering the Asian Grocery store too, but I usually go with Trevor and his patience runs very short with me so I need to have a list ready so I can run and get what I want quickly.

I think I'll probably make a trip out next week since I have another Friday off and I'm slowly running low on Rice and Rice Noodles. And I keep on forgetting to buy dried mushrooms every time I'm there because in the back of my head I want to make some hot and sour soup but you need to have asian dried mushrooms for that.

I also just updated my online wedding registry this morning because I realized that I had some cookware related envy after watching the Food Network, and even if no one buys it for me it's a good way to remember what I wanted after the fact. Plus I always end up getting giftcards from my credit card rewards program and I like using them on kitchen things.

Kim said she was having some difficulty figuring out what to get me on a budget. I always tell people they don't have to get me anything fancy, but I realize it's hard to narrow down the field to what I'd like. So for the sake of ease I figured out a handful of general (you don't need my size for), items for gifting.
  1. 1" or 1 1/2" Barrel Curling Iron, preferably ceramic. I somehow broke the curling iron I have.
  2. One of those deep wave-curling irons. They look pretty fancy with their multiple barrels.
  3. Apron. For all the cooking I do I actually do not own a single apron.
  4. A thick fuzzy long robe. I'd never buy one for myself but I think it'd be nice to have for cold mornings. Preferrably in white or pink (to go with my piggy slippers).
  5. Nice, slim isotoner type gloves. All the gloves I have are bulky and hard to drive in.
  6. See gift registry for other more specific gifts for kitchen/home.
  7. Giftcards

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