Sunday, January 20, 2008

Viki's 27th Birthday

I'm a pretty decent homebody. I'm more apt to neurotically bother my fiance about getting the laundry out of the drier than I am to dress up in cheap but flashy top and go out on the town, however this past weekend Viki & crew were out on the town celebrating her 27th Birthday so I really felt as though it would be special to go out with them.

I'm not proud of being a homebody, it's just a result of having a lot of chores, work, fiance and family obligations. And I know I need to appreciate the friends that I do have, so it was decided that I should come out. I was not prepared to go out, but I was hanging out with Kim anyway and she mentioned in passing that I should come out, if only briefly. I thought I'd just meet them at the local bar and then go home when they decided to go into Springfield. As it turned out I was having a lot of fun and didn't really want to go home yet since things were only starting to get good.

I made fast friends with Viki's friend Heather and of course I'm already friends with Kim and Viki. A bunch of other people came as part of "Diana's crew" and Viki's friend Christy and her boyfriend Dave came along just to the local bar. So it was really a very large group once everyone settled in.

I'll say that things got a lot more chaotic once we got into Springfield. In particular Kim was having a TON of fun. Like, I had fun dancing and hanging out with the girls, but I don't think I quite lived it up as much as Kim did. She danced, she flirted, she somehow made money off of her flirting with was a very full night for her. lol I don't approach going out the same way I did when I was 21 because I don't want to meet anyone at all.

It's actually not hard to not meet people, the key is avoiding eye contact with guys so they don't think you're interested and to always drink from my left hand so my engagement ring is easily seen. Also, guys never dance on the stage so if you spend your night up on an elevated surface they simply won't have the opportunity to hit on you. Considering that I was out all night long and I only got hit on once is pretty good. And even when I do get hit on the moment I say the word "fiance" it's pretty much over. You can see it in their face that they just want to run away from me like I told them I have leprosy. I try not to take it too personally. After all, if I were a single young stud out on the town I wouldn't want to waste my time on almost married girls.

We were at The Salty Dog for a while and then went to Fat Cats to dance and for some unknown reason everyone decided to go back to The Salty Dog for the remainder of our evening. As far as I know everyone got home safe and sound back in their own respective beds.

The next day was devoted to football. Not that I even watch football because I'll admit I'm totally lost. I'm more apt to want to watch soccer because at least then there's the chance of seeing David Beckham shirtless. But Trevor had a few boys over our apartment and I decided to make some potato salad and guacamole for them. Because whether I have any interest in what they are doing or not I always like to be a nice hostess and make a little something for them to nosh on.

I spent the night in the bedroom on my laptop trying to figure how to get ringtones onto my new phone. lol I know, I know, I'm the life of the party. But I think you have to admit that $2 for a 20 second ringtone is pretty ridiculous. With my old Razr, it had a voice recorder and you could record sounds and save them to use as ringtones. So if you were cautious you could place your phone next to a speaker and blast a song so it could record as a ringtone. Ghetto as that might sound it was very effective. But now that I have a new phone I had to go back to an old method I used over 2 years back when I had an LG phone.

Since this might be helpful to nerds like myself who have time enough to mess around with files, I shall share my method. You can send yourself sound-messages. Your phone will register these as "picture messages" even though there's no picture there and from your options menu you can turn around and save your sound message as a ringtone. Now, how do I send myself a sound-picture message? I was able to use Tone This with great success and it seems it is compatible with most phones and most providers. I'm a Verizon user and it worked just fine. You can also email your phone with a small music attachment and achieve the same results.