Yay, new phone

7 months until the wedding!

I'm partially excited and partially freaked out that I haven't done anywhere near enough. First and foremost though...we've got to get skinny.

Not like I've been eating deep fried twinkies or anything, but after a decadent holiday period I'm ready to start going back to my usual routine of fruit as snacks and cereal for lunch.

I got a new cell phone to replace my horrible Razr, which was my first Motorola phone ever and I have to say that I was totally let down by it and I'll probably never buy another one again. The battery just couldn't hold a charge and if your phone is dead 80% of the time you just won't be able to use it regardless of how many bells and whistles it comes with. This time I got the new Samsung Juke, mp3 phone.

I have to say that I'm surprisingly happy with it so far. The overall shape is odd, with the switchblade like mechanism it takes a good amount of getting used to because you have to turn it upside down to see the screen when it's closed; it doesn't automatically readjust itself as you flip it open and it only opens clockwise. You can't open it counterclockwise. So it's overall design had something to be desired, but it functions much better than what I used to use and for that I'm happy.

There are surprisingly few just-phones now. People are really into texting, PDA, Smartphones and I personally don't quite get it yet, so I can't legitimize buying a $300 IPhone if I can't use all the features. Plus I hate big phones. I'm much more fond of phones that flip and where all the buttons are hidden on the inside so I can't accidentally call someone. Regardless of there being lock keys I've somehow managed to sit on my old phone in such a way that the unlock code was pressed and I still called people.

The MP3 part of the phone is nice, but I already have an MP3 player so I find it's more of a novelty right now, but that it'll end up being like...the Vice President. If my actual MP3 player is somewhere else then I can use my phone, which is a nice option and I don't have to buy memory to use it; 2 GB is built right in. My mom on the other hand is being a phone snob and doesn't like the freebie phone I got her even though it's more efficient than her Razr because it doesn't "look right." Which means she doesn't think it's cute. So now I have to return her freebie phone and get her a replacement which is a hassle and a half since I already activated the freebie phone.

Today, I'm being lazy because yesterday I went out to sushi lunch, went looking at surround sound systems with Trevor, washed my car, got a haircut, went shopping with my parents and had dinner with m parents. It actually felt like a really long day of driving around. I woke up and made some "cabin chicken" for Trevor, which is a dish he made me earlier on in our relationship. It's really "throw everything in your fridge into it" dish. I seared chicken legs and thighs and covered it in beer, salsa, tomato sauce, carrots, mushrooms, green bell pepper, onion and whatever seasonings met my fancy and let it simmer until cooked through and the sauce reduces down. I guess his dad used to make this dish for him and I thought it'd be nice to have with some nice crusty rolls I got yesterday while out shopping.

So even though I ate like 3 hours ago I'm still totally stuffed. It's definitely comfort food. But on the bright side, nothing was fried, it had tons of veggies and the flavor really came from letting the food simmer on medium heat for at least an hour so it all developed.

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