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Easter Wrap-up

I need a vacation. Having lamented about this for the past few weeks Trevor and I are going to Vegas!

I love Vegas. It's tacky, loud, expensive, smoky, crowded, hot...but fun. The whole town is like a big tourist trap; there are slot machines in the airport for goodness sake. But in spite of all the less than desirable things about it, it's a lot of fun. You certainly can't be a big prude and go to Vegas; you'll be uncomfortable and unhappy the whole time. But I think it's really interesting and fun to be in an environment that's so totally different than the one I live in on a daily basis. Or, at least it was a lot of fun when I was 21, single, a little crazy and very willing to stay up late. I'm sure that it'll be a different experience now that I've mellowed out and I'm going with my fiance in lieu of girlfriends but I still ultimately look forward to being around different foods, a big pool, sunshine and seeing the sights.

I do not loo…

Almond Pound Cake

Happy Almost Easter!

We are spending tomorrow in Massachusetts with Trevor's family. I have been preemptively volunteered to bring dessert by Trevor. So yesterday I went to the store, picked up a few supplies and got to work because it's always good to be prepared. Usually I wait until the night before to start baking, but I had an unusual craving for Almond Cake and the best recipe I could dig up was for an Almond Pound Cake. Having never made this rich in flavor, yet light in texture cake before I read like 80 thousand reviews and almost all of them said that the cake tastes better 1-2 days after baking when all the flavors meld and develop. Who am I to argue with that? And the fact is I haven't posted a recipe in ages so here goes...

Almond Pound Cake
2 Sticks of butter (at room temperature)
2 3/4 cups Sugar
1 cup Sour Cream
6 Eggs
2 tbs Almond Extract
1 tbs Vanilla Extract

3 cups All-Purpose Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Soda

Preheat oven to 325 F. Cream together butter and sugar.…

Trading chefs

I spent yesterday with my parents. Mom wanted to cook so I joined her. Mostly we cooked her food but I brought my handy biscotti recipe because she's crazy about it and wanted to have me show her how to do it.

In spite of my mother's cooking prowess, she's not a sweets fan so she's not an avid baker. I picked up baking because the only way to get a cookie in our house was to make it yourself; my mother never really indulges in what I'd consider junk food so you had your choice of a second helping of dinner or whatever you could dig out of the freezer. lol

She teaches me how to cook savory foods of Asian origination. I teach her how to make desserts. I consider it a pretty symbiotic relationship. She and I made hargow, steamed shrimp dumplings that you'd normally find at dim sum. They were a tad salty but very tasty. And mom made duck noodle soup that I'm wild about. I'm pretty much a duck fanatic; I love it but I love it even more when my mom ma…

Kim's belated 26th Birthday

I'm backlogged in events apparently.

Kim's birthday was ultimately celebrated for the past two weekends (not this one). The first celebration was the rescheduled casino trip. It was snowing that day too, but somehow we all made it down just fine. It was as smokey and crowded as I remember but Kim and the others seemed to have fun and Trevor was there to assist the girls when he felt that the guys they were dancing with were being too pushy and aggressive. I had fun, but most of my fun was getting ready, doing my hair and prettying up. Walking outside in the snow with dress shoes...not quite as fun as you'd think. The weekend after, since there was pretty low turnout for the limo; there were about 10 of us all together, the other party friends also wanted to celebrate Kim's birthday so they had a more local celebration at two bars around here. I originally wanted to tag along but apparently Kim's birthday always brings precipitation because it was pouring rain t…

Yawn...daylight savings

"...easy like Sunday morning"

I just finished making & cleaning up breakfast (eggs, toast, homefries). Yesterday was pretty much a bust since it was pouring just about all day long. I had originally wanted to go wedding band shopping but couldn't quite get it together. Friday Kim was re-celebrating her birthday for the...3rd time? with Dianna and pals. Trevor and I only made it as far as the local bar; the weather was not cooperating enough with us, but Kim seemed to have fun with her complimentary blow-job shot. There are pictures...everywhere on her friends' myspace pages so if you're thusly curious you won't have any issues finding them.

Today I'm supposed to have dinner with parents and I'm going to hang out with Kim in the evening. Since today is the Daylight savings "spring forward" day I feel a little behind in everything I've been doing.

My dad is back from Vietnam so I really wanted to treat him to pizza since he always en…