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What Happens in Vegas...

I'm sick so I haven't been updating. I don't really even want to get up out of bed let alone write about how miserable I've been.
Vegas was a lot of fun. We didn't go out clubbing. We didn't go to Fremont Street like we wanted, but we still had a lot of fun hanging out together and eating to our heart's content. I loved the buffet at the Bellagio and I went to my first meal at PF Changs, which was also really good. I particularly enjoyed their specialty martinis. The vodka they used (Charbay) was unbelievably smooth.
We also had a "fancy" dinner at Delmonico, but I wasn't really blown away by the food. It met my expectation but it by no means blew me out of the water. My steak felt kinda blah and I know whenever I order steak I always say the same thing but it's so dull. Steak, even the kings of steak like Porterhouse and tenderloin still need some seasoning to be tasty. That being said, the service at Delmonico was really good and…

4 months to go!

Trevor's feeling better by the day thankfully and I think that by the time we go to Vegas he'll be feeling up to it. :) I'm really excited; it's not often that we do anything that's out of the ordinary.

Save the Dates are done, Invitations are done, Flower Girl Basket is purchased, and I even helped Kim buy a bridesmaid dress for Cathy's wedding since she was lamenting the cost for the type of dress she really wanted. Cathy let the girls pick their own style as long as they were all in the same shade of Marine Blue and I innocently suggested her checking out ebay. After all, I'm sure there are thousands of bridesmaids in the world who wanted nothing more than to rid themselves of the dresses they were forced to buy for a friend's wedding. (I can only naively hope none of my bridesmaids feel that way, but let's face the truth and admit that there are some wildly ugly bridesmaid dresses in the world.) Lo and behold, the first dress we clicked on wa…

Registration Day

Registering was fun. I say that with some surprise since I've had such a love/hate relationship with it. Sunday I met up with Kim and picked out some china and stemware, some bedding...etc. I picked all my favorite appliances online already because as a self proclaimed fan of cooking I have a list of dream appliances that I wish I had glistening in my kitchen. I don't honestly expect to receive all the things I registered for, but I'd rather register for a lot and give people an idea of what I like and give them a lot of options. What always happens when I shop for someone who registers is that I don't want to buy them any of the things on their registry because I wait to the last minute to shop and all the good gifts are taken and then I spend 3 times longer in the store walking around in circles trying to find a better alternative.

As it stands I have pretty new appliances, but I'm guilty of buying pretty cheap ones at Walmart & other bargain-y stores mor…