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Mexican Lasagna

Today is a scorcher here in Connecticut. Trevor and I saw Wall-E today at the movies and it was really sweet. I'm sure I'm not the first one to gush over Pixar movies being really good was great and if you can manage to pull together some dough for really overpriced movie tickets it's well worth your time. Even though there is minimal dialogue the story is actually quite strong and heartwarming.

Even though I have annoying moaned and groaned about the fact that I'm done with invitations I have only just finished doing my last wave of invitations since my mom's been bugging me about a few more. I hate it when a few more becomes a few more on top of that becomes...30 more. But I'm pretty much out of invitations anyway so even if some obscure family members make their way out of the woodwork, I'm sorry to say that the good invites have already been sent out.

Liza's sent out the shower invites already. Since I very literally have like 4 femal…

David Glass Cakes

Whoa...I've seen more of my friend Amanda this past week than I have in the past year. We had dinner on Tuesday and went cake testing today.

Nothing too extraordinary about a dinner of nachos and escargot (well, at least not to us) but I took a belated lunch break and went to have some cake with Amanda at David Glass.

Now, perhaps I'm out of the cake eating loop since I so often make my own but apparently this David Glass dude is a really big deal in the cake world. I'll say this; it's very yummy. I'm fond of his mousse cake and chocolate covered almond cake having had some at Bamboo Garden this past Chinese New Year but haven't partaken of much else until today. Apparently they open up the factory (it essentially is just that; it's located in nowheresville in the middle of an industrial park) and have a small table of cakes out for you to circle and try slices of. I had at least 4 slices of various cheesecakes and I must say that I was totally stuffed e…

I quit...invitations that is

I am sorry if you do not receive an invitation. I am also not sorry that I did not have to send out 80 million invitations.

Is the art of replying that hard? I've already got two replies that are not done correctly. I would be more upset except I'm just going to give them to my mom so she can call these folks because none of them are people I really know. If you are not coming, please still indicate your name...believe it or not, I am not a mind reader.

By the way, this is not going to be a particularly kid friendly event so it's best to leave the kiddies at home. Sorry, kiddies.

I needed to get that out. I'm surprised at how angry invitations can make a person. I am straight up This coming from a usually very level-headed chick.

Liza has also apparently started working on shower invites. The shower is located in MA so that puts a bit of a damper on the CT folks but a lot of Trevor's family is located in MA so it's convenient…

Invitations are done!


I'd be lying if I told you I didn't spend all weekend working off and on this project. It takes time to label things (even if you have an admittedly very amended guest list) everything still needs to be clearly labeled, stamped and sealed. I think the task would have been ever so slightly easier if I were literate in Vietnamese but thankfully Dad and I sat down for a few hours so he could check my work.

I even got my first reply back from my cousin Lien, who actually had her invitation hand delivered by my parents.

Oh, and I got a free Cuisinart branded cookbook in the mail, apparently as a thank you gift/bribe for registering for Cuisinart stuff. It's kind of weird to be receiving gifts for essentially making a list of gifts but I certainly won't feel too sad about it. After all, you should never look a gift horse in the mouth. Has anyone else gotten random mailed free gifts? No one told me this is normal practice. I was only really exp…

Windsor-ite Reunion

I've started the arduous task of addressing invitations. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that my parents keep on adding people from far away and then a number of people are getting them hand delivered if I see them very regularly. So I have a number of piles in various states of completion.

One day I'll be done, but I'll need help from my dad with addressing all the various Vietnamese ones. Because I understand American invitations should have full spellings like Street instead of St. and Road instead of Rd. and you indicate the number of guests by very specifically addressing them by name. "Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Abernathy" versus "The Abernathy Family" if you want to include kids. However, there are many complicated ways of addressing your elders in Vietnamese, plus add in the fact that I'm illiterate in Vietnamese and it can be very baffling because I don't want to disrespect anyone by calling them "Ba" instead if…

Wedding Band...check!

3 months of yesterday until our wedding day.

And yesterday was actually a fantastic day for getting wedding things done. I'm actually really happy it was a little overcast and rainy because otherwise nothing would ever get done.

We bought my wedding band. We love Gem Jewelry. They're so nice and unsheisty. I feel like they actually know what they're talking about in lieu of just being forced through high pressure sales pitches. Trevor loves them too so even as of last year we really wanted to buy my band from them. Unfortunately as of last year they didn't have a band that would sit flush against my engagement ring so we discussed the option of a custom band that would be bent to fit but I decided against starting that whole process because I hate the thought of buying something I can't use for a year. That money would be better used gaining interest in my savings account for a year and working positively toward my cash flow. Trevor agreed that was t…