Thursday, June 26, 2008

David Glass Cakes

Whoa...I've seen more of my friend Amanda this past week than I have in the past year. We had dinner on Tuesday and went cake testing today.

Nothing too extraordinary about a dinner of nachos and escargot (well, at least not to us) but I took a belated lunch break and went to have some cake with Amanda at David Glass.

Now, perhaps I'm out of the cake eating loop since I so often make my own but apparently this David Glass dude is a really big deal in the cake world. I'll say this; it's very yummy. I'm fond of his mousse cake and chocolate covered almond cake having had some at Bamboo Garden this past Chinese New Year but haven't partaken of much else until today. Apparently they open up the factory (it essentially is just that; it's located in nowheresville in the middle of an industrial park) and have a small table of cakes out for you to circle and try slices of. I had at least 4 slices of various cheesecakes and I must say that I was totally stuffed even though I took very small slices.

They sell his cakes at fancy places like Whole Foods. I don't know if I'm so addicted that I'd pay full price for one since some of them are super rich but I won't lie, it's very good and probably ridiculously unhealthy. I bought an small 6" almond cake but Amanda insisted they had more exotic flavors in the past like red bean. I'll have to duck out for a cake lunch some other week and cross my fingers for some new flavors. I loved the mousse cakes though; something about how light they are makes me feel less guilty about them over the cheesecakes.