Sunday, June 8, 2008

Windsor-ite Reunion

I've started the arduous task of addressing invitations. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that my parents keep on adding people from far away and then a number of people are getting them hand delivered if I see them very regularly. So I have a number of piles in various states of completion.

One day I'll be done, but I'll need help from my dad with addressing all the various Vietnamese ones. Because I understand American invitations should have full spellings like Street instead of St. and Road instead of Rd. and you indicate the number of guests by very specifically addressing them by name. "Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Abernathy" versus "The Abernathy Family" if you want to include kids. However, there are many complicated ways of addressing your elders in Vietnamese, plus add in the fact that I'm illiterate in Vietnamese and it can be very baffling because I don't want to disrespect anyone by calling them "Ba" instead if "Di." I have a pretty hard and fast idea of who I do want to invite though.

We're cold hearted list cutting pair right now. lol Trevor jokingly tells people that he's cut his Grandpa George from the guest list, but in reality we couldn't invite him even if we wanted to because of his Alzheimer's. It would be much too difficult to look after him and make sure he was comfortable if he was pulled out of his familiar environment and it could potentially cause him great distress. Which is also why he wasn't at Susan & Sean's wedding though I'm told they very much wanted him to be there.

I also recently got the opportunity to hang with Jeff and a number of other folks I graduated from high school with. That is not to say I don't see a number of these people regularly anyhow. I saw most of these same people at Mikey's 3rd Birthday party and then again on Shaun's birthday but I mostly got to see Jeff whom I haven't seen in at least 2-3 years. We're bad friends, huh? It's not even like he's far away in California like Nini is, and even I see her once or twice a year around holidays. (Jeff is living in RI.)

We hung out at Kim's for a bit and had dinner and talked. Nothing too amazing but it was fantastic to catch up and joke be totally lame and cliche it was like the good old days again except we all now had our licenses (ahem, LisaB) and jobs. Not too much other than that had changed though. Tracy was still trying to hook Kim up with some guys. Lisa was still Lisa although I suppose she's ever so slightly less sweet and innocent than she was in her younger years. Ryan A. was still really ridiculously loud (indoor voice!) and self-centered constantly talking about himself and his job and his this and his that...blah blah blah. If he wasn't so loud I'd really have rather just ignored him. Coran was late and had quite a fashionable entrance. Jeff, Trevor and I seemingly had our own corner of conversation apart from the table...the more things change the more they stay the same.

We took a few pictures that night but I have to say I looked pretty ridiculous in most of them and not in a funny ha-ha way in so much as a "boy I should have covered those bags under my eyes" way. lol I was sick but I really still wanted to be there so I took a nap beforehand for at least 2 hours after lunch. I was so out of it but what little energy I had I wanted to conserve for the evening because I didn't want to be a total grump plus it was like 95 degrees outside and it was hard enough finding the energy to move. I was pretty done by 11pm though, my poor voice was gone.

Today was much more chill; I wandered around the mall with my parents for a bit wondering if I should spend money. I'm so sick of spending money but it was nice to see them and chit chat for a bit. Trevor grilled some dinner up and here we are.

We have an appointment with our DJ Tuesday. I guess to shake out more details for him about song choices and the overall order of our reception so that'll be fun. There's always something wedding related to do all the time now.