Bridal Shower

Shower was so fun. Much thanks to our wonderful hostess and her bevy of assistants. :)I'm so tired. I really dislike driving and yet we still got there and home all in one piece so it took a bit of focus. lol My dear friends & loved ones are so great for traveling so very far out of their way to spend time with me. I really appreciate all the love and I'm glad it was a drama-free day with wonderful weather and a bare minimum of traffic. Considering how much it was raining all the days leading up to my shower I was pretty convinced things would be at least sprinkled on, but it ended up being beautiful, comfortable and sunny all day long.
Everyone seemed to have fun and if they didn't...well, they did a good job faking it and if that's the case I appreciate that too. Positivity does wonders for an overtaxed, underfed, sleepy bride.

It was also a great opportunity to talk to Kim for a few hours straight since we carpooled all together from Connecticut and I had the opportunity to catch up with her. I know I see her more than I see of many people but it's always good to recharge your proverbial batteries and feel totally connected and caught up with your friend. Even when you message, email, and call each other every few days I think it's easy to just focus on topical subjects and skim over how you feel because it can be difficult to articulate how you feel, particularly over electronic media.

I'm glad my mom could meet some of my future family in law too. It's felt like my own family and Trevor's family have been totally segregated over the 3 years or so we've been together. Obviously my mom's met his mom but the aunts and uncles really haven't been given the opportunity to converge. I think everyone has a complicated multi-dimensional relationship with their parents but above all I think my mother is an amazing, gorgeous, and ridiculously generous individual. I dream of being as selfless as she is. I always admire people who think of others well before they think about themselves, their own comfort, convenience and interests.

I won't drone on and on about the gifts I got because it's kind of a boring read. It also makes me feel materialistic and petty to discuss what I I won't. But many thanks to all the gift givers for being so generous and thinking about Trevor & I.

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