Our Wedding

Now that some of the chaos of the past few days has simmered down I guess the best thing to do is give you my brides-eye view of the events.

Wednesday was flowers. Oh, the flowers. lol In case you didn't know or have forgotten I decided to do the flowers for my own wedding. Bouquets and boutineers..nothing crazy fancy like giant topiary displays shaped like cherubs. Just the basics. I was up to my ears in pink roses and pink daisies but they were so beautiful. I'm really happy how they all came out and they looked really stunning against the green bridesmaids dresses.

On Thursday we closed on our home. We also picked up our marriage license and were generally a little crazy. I think Devin was at least 5 times more excited about the whole house thing than we were. It was also my last full day at work and I was insane running around updating people on what's been going on with my plans. I later finished up working on all my place cards.

Friday was all errands. This happens regardless of how well you plan things. You always end up still running errands anyway. I picked up my wedding gown. I steamed out some wrinkles out of my things. I packed up some of our favors and supplies for Mill on The River. I also received a handful of gift cards. (By the way, a big thank you to Samy, my dad, and co-workers for all my gift cards.) So I wanted to run by the mall and buy a few things for the wedding. I also chatted up my hair person since she was in and she's so nice. I think she took my nervous, overly planned out bride thing very well.

Saturday people started rolling in. My uncles and aunts started coming from all parts so I had to come visit and eat. We also had the rehearsal dinner so we again had to welcome people, eat, drink and chat. It was a really long day of that and when we got home I eventually tried to start working on bouquets but only got 2 deep before Trevor said I should go to bed because it was 1 am. Even the busiest bride has to make time for beauty sleep.

Sunday of course was the big day. I was up first and started working on the rest of the flowers. By now many of them had over-bloomed so I was trying to pick the best of the bunch for the bouquets. People were apparently very worried about the flowers; Trevor's mom made Dino drive out just to give me these little water things for them. My whole original thought was they were going to die anyway but they did look very lovely in all the pictures so I suppose in the end things all worked out.

Kim picked up the rental and dropped by my mom's to get some borrowed jewelry. Mom made her bring food, so naturally my plans to get bagels ended up falling by the wayside in favor of mom-made food. (Always pick home made mom-foods over store made bagels.)

Emily came, and then Trevor picked up Suong. I had them help me with the finishing ribbon touchs on the bouquets. We did a little makeup, I painted my nails and then off we ran to the salon. Since we were there and my stylist brought it up she said we should run over to Macy's to get our makeup done. In fact, each of the different makeup counters did our faces...for free but we had to wait it out for Kim to get her final touches since her makeup lady went to town. It was a very good morning apart from the fact that we were running late and in our haste forgot a few things. lol I did however get out of the mall, into my dress and out the door so I suppose everything worked out okay.

Trevor had originally told me earlier that day to aim for coming around 2pm since the ceremony was scheduled to starte at 2:30. I promptly explained that in spite of my best efforts that I would probably be late anyway...and I was. I was rolling in at like 2:45. But everyone was there other than me, on time and we got rolling shortly thereafter. The weather was perfect. You couldn't have asked for a sunnier, prettier day.

It's kind of blur from there on out. I know everyone says that, but it's true. It felt like time went on fast forward. I walked down the aisle to "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder on the strings. (We had a string quartet if I had forgotten to mention that earlier.) I choked through my vows, Trevor was cool...no tears of any kind; although later he explained he was thinking about other things in an attempt to dissuade his eyes from watering. Emily's dad Jack did a pretty good job with the vows and I left happy things went so well. We receeded to "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve, also on strings.

Receiving line. Pictures. Reception. The reception went over well too. It seemed the raw bar and passed foods went over very well among all of our guests. All that fuss over entrees was quickly forgotten by the time the entrees actually came because I'm sure everyone was pretty stuffed on shrimp, oysters, sushi, beef wellington, and tempura shrimp...among a long list of things. I said if I were to do it, I'd want to do it with style. The lamb was spectacular, and the duck was also really good. The salmon wasn't bad either, but in comparison the lamb blew all the rest of the entrees out of the water. The cake was unbelievable too. I loved each of the flavors. Unfortunately we accidentally left our cake in the car so when we found it later it had become a melted blob we had to throw away. :( But anyway, apart from my family not seemingly wanting to dance at all I think everyone else had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, a few tears...so all in all a complete wedding.

And I'm really surprised that all the centerpieces were GONE at the end of the night. I was so nervous I'd have to take home a dozen gigantic novelty martini glasses with me but apparently giant martini glasses fit within the decorating style of a number of my guests because the place was cleared of them all.

The favor seemed to go over well too. I'm happy all my chocolate dipping came to a good end and Trevor could stop being so nervous about the darned things melting. The only thing that didn't seem to work right was that no one signed the guest book. But let's be honest, that's a pretty small detail in the grand scheme of things. The Emery's even brought Chowder for a little bit so he could be there for our wedding day so it really felt like a family affair.

There was a lot of love that day. My pink Vietnamese Ao Dai seemed to go over well, particularly among Trevor's family. They seemed to really dig the Asian inspired touches to our day. I didn't hear too much out of my own family...I think they were probably reeling from all the cocktail shrimp. Overall I think they had fun considering that they felt a bit out of their element.

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