Deja Vu...more wedding announcements

Congratulations to Alexis & Mike on their recent engagement.
Dude, there's gotta be something in the water.

Not like this is a gigantic surprise. Lex has already been talking about getting married to Mike in 2010, so I'm not about to pretend like I was even half as floored with Lex's engagement as I was with Kim's.

So Lex is next. Thankfully for her we already found a dress for her that we love because while doing the whole bridesmaid thing for Kim I insisted both girls try on wedding dresses. Heck, we drove over an hour away for 10 minutes of measuring and chit chat. Why not try on some dresses? Kim and Lex were reticent about it but, for the time we ate up driving there and money in gas, why turn around and go right back home? Lex actually fell quite in love with two dresses and both were incredibly reasonably priced (discontinued-s) so I get the feeling she'll likely turn right back to that bridal shop in Newtown and snatch one up.

I look back on the dress experience and think, gosh I'm so happy that's over with. lol I know girls dream of their bridal gown but man, it totally drained me to obsess about the alterations and adjustments. Because if it's not done in're totally screwed. At least I would have been; my poor dress had to be ripped apart and taken down 8 sizes. Kim's new blossoming mommy body I think it'll be yet another thing to be feel concerned about. Of course, seamstresses do a heck of a job with what they have so it'll work out fine. And thankfully Kim fell in love with a dress with a lace up back so we have room to let her in/out as necessary.

If it were me I'd be begging people to tie me so tight I might very well pass out. Not because I'm a glutton for punishment but because I love that kind of tiny-waisted Vargas-Girl shape. I'm suddenly in a very retro, old school glam period. If I only got married a year later I might have gone in an entirely different direction and enforced a different theme on my poor unsuspecting bridesmaids. Birdcage veils, anyone?

Personally I don't like stuff in my face itching it all up, but I like the idea of it. I like the classic old-school glamour factor.

The things women tolerate for the sake of fashion, huh? But the problem is, in normal life there's no reason to do such things. You really need an ocassion to bring out your over-the-top fashion accessories like those Kentucky Derby big-floppy Southern Belle hats. You can't just show up to work, sit in your cubicle and wear a gigantic hat with peacock feathers on it and not be considered totally looney.

Weddings are one of those few occasions in life where you can push the fashion envelope because, it's your day and you wear whatever you want and people don't typically berate you for your fashion choices. (At least not to your face, or on that particular day-of.)

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