We're not naming it Madison

I have a bit of explaining to do. I haven't been keeping this up to date. But I have a good reason. The one I thing I wanted to talk about...I couldn't talk about until now. I couldn't talk about it because it wasn't my news and because when it's not your news you can't spoil it for other people. When half of her family didn't know I couldn't very well tell the entire internet.

Kim's pregnant...with a baby...Vinnie's baby.

It's due date is Oct. 31st, 2009. It's gender is still yet to be determined but I'm hoping girl. A.) Because girls are awesome and B.) She wants to name her son Tyler and Trevor is already in an uproar about anyone using that name because he wants to use it. I say, people who have babies first have first dibs. And unbeknownst to me the name Tyler has shot itself up to #21 most popular baby boy name per Social Security Administration. A name that popular pretty much guarantees your kid will be referred to by his/her last initial for at least a little bit of their school career. I'll happy to tell you we're not naming our hypothetical not yet in production children, Isabella, Mia, Ava, Madison, Michael, or Joshua.

So, seeing as how they're going to be welcoming a bundle of...something and are currently unmarried, they're actually going to be wed in May. This May. Two months from now, May. Originally they planned to wait, but seeing as how they're both Catholic, with a little parental prodding they are instead getting married now before the baby's fully baked.

I'm obviously doing my best to be kind, openminded, relaxed and accommodating because clearly a lot has to be done in a short period of time. But Kim's got the church, the reception hall, her dress, the dj and a photog so a lot has been worked out already. I think the worst of it was getting the bridesmaid dresses because Kim had her heart SET on this very particular dark purple (blegh) color with "venetian gold" accent. Just try finding that at Macys...you can't. So we had to do a special order with a rush in order to get this color of dress together by early May. The things I do for this girl.

I'm not super excited about this color but this isn't my wedding day and my opinion means pretty little so I'll have to learn to just shut it. I am however hoping Alexis will pick a significantly cheaper dress next year when it's her turn. There are many benefits to this including the fact that the less money I spend on a dress the more money I have to spend on a gift. Hey, I don't suddenly make more money just because other people get married. I make the same salary every two weeks; I'm not even paid hourly and I don't have the capacity to pick up an extra shift.

I think being married is great, but I think weddings are the source of a great deal of financial stress unless you've had time to prepare for it. That's probably half of why most engagements last a year or more.

Anyway, mindless griping aside there's going to be a new little person in the world. I don't intend to spoil it yet because it's the first grandbaby on both sides and I think the spoiling will be pretty well covered from all angles. I don't think there will be much that it'll be needing from the perspective of new fangled do-dads. In fact, it already has a crib and it's only slightly larger than a bean. By the time the baby actually comes it's possessions will likely take over the entire house.

With that said, I also have one more last bit of news to share. Trevor's maternal grandfather passed away recently. I mention this because although it's sad someone has passed, within in the context of everything it's actually quite poetic. Life goes on. Where one life ends, another is just beginning to bud. I can't say I knew Grandpa George before he had Alzheimers and when he behaved more like himself, but I can say that he must be relieved to not be suffering anymore. He lived a very full life. He saw his three girls grow up and have families of their own. He saw four of his grandbabies grow up into adults.

He loved.

He was loved.

And in the end, I think that's all any of us can ever hope to acheive.

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