Wedding Bells

I'm so backlogged. lol

Kim's wedding went off without a hitch. I do however admit to being drunk for a large portion of her bachelorette and wedding day. That probably really helped with the overall relaxed attitude I had. Apart from mine and the other bridesmaids generally being uncomfortable in our $200+ dresses it was a good time. We got our hair done (minus the Maid of Honor Kim's sis who had her hair done elsewhere) and makeup and took pics. Did the whole church thing. Ran a totally random errand for Kim and then really hit that open bar hard.

The bachelorette was a lot of fun although I entirely look forward to a repeat when it's Alexis's turn. A. Kim won't be pregnant by then and maybe I won't be THE loud talkative drunk person; I can always count on Kim to be my crazy counterpart B. I loved it. C. I think there'll be less girls and less "stuff" because Lex isn't interested in nails and toes being it'll also be a bit cheaper. We had our hair and makeup done retro 30's style and makeup and had pictures taken. They also had a facialist massage girl there but I was so preoccupied being loud and drunk and funny I never even got to that point. It takes a LOT of energy to keep a party rolling when the bride herself couldn't drink. And I couldn't pester her into taking shots or doing something equally ridiculous like I usually would. I'm not always the most sociable person ever, but for big events I think it's a travesty not to take advantage of the situation and really squeeze as much fun as you can out of the time you have.

I took a break for the sake of my liver for the rehearsal and then restarted the insanity for the wedding day. Though I waited until after the ceremony and all the picture taking to start; I do have some respect. I'm not a drinker in normal life so it definitely takes it's toll on you. I'm very familiar with my limits and not exceeding them. Plus I'm not 21 anymore. I was mighty exhausted the morning after. Achey. Slow. Not hung over but if I had two more drinks? Probably then, yes I would have been hung over.

I agreed to doing this bridesmaid thing again next year. I'm doing it for Alexis since it seems important to her. At first she wanted us to do it, and then she wanted to par down her wedding and said we didn't have to, and then after Kim's wedding has decided it's back on. I don't really care. I'm still entirely intending on being just as insanely loud and silly for her festivities as either a guest or bridesmaid, the only difference is the expense of the dress I'm wearing and my inclusion in a greater number of her wedding photos. If she changes her mind again between now and June it isn't a big deal. I'll be just as much her friend whether or not I'm a bridesmaid. I think it's kind of silly to feel like "oh, she asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding so I am obliged to ask her in return." You pick people you want to be in your wedding party because they matter to you and you want them to be around you and support you on your big day, not because you have a debt to repay.

Pictures? There are millions but it's not my wedding so I'm not posting any. Kind of an intrusion. Plus I was IN the wedding so I didn't take a single snapshot. Nevermind the fact my dad had my camera anyway so even if I wanted to there was no camera to take pictures with. Not like you are missing anything. We all looked greasy, sweat stainy and gross by the reception came around. Those dresses did not agree with any moisture whatsoever. I have a big splotch on the front of my skirt from the precipitation from my beverage and it's in like a dozen pictures at the reception. Lovely.

My friend Nini also got married in May but she did it in Cali so not so much local. She did send me pictures to look at and I'm happy things went well for her. We're not as close as I think we should be, but I love her very much and I'm glad things came together. It's hard being long distance friends but she did send some pictures my way and she looked very lovely.

It's funny looking at other peoples' weddings because they're nice but obviously different than yours. Everyone has a different "vision" of what a good wedding is. What a pretty engagement ring is. What wedding flowers should look like. It's fun to look at their choices. And it's refreshing to not have to pay for any of it.

Ahhhh....that would be the sound of financial relief.

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