Call me up on your video phone

News? Ugh, nothing good, so I'll just say things have been happening but most of them not-so-much things I want to talk about because I totally believe in jinxing things.

For example? My husband went to NYC for a business day-trip. He got there just fine. Hopped on the Amtrak and was at the conference hall just fine. He insisted on taking my phone because mine is a normal cell phone. I told him he should then give me his for the days "just in case" and he brushed me off. I know when he's listening to me and taking me seriously and I know when he totally doesn't think what I'm saying has merit; this was one of those times. He didn't think it was a big deal and I'd be fine without a phone for one day. And I am the first to admit that I am not a phone person, and often forget the darned thing or keep it on vibrate.

Well, inevitably things go wrong. He misses the last train from NYC to our town. He'd have to take a train to New Haven. I'd have to go pick him up. Okay, okay...I can do that. I hate driving and I hate it moreso in a broken crashed up car but I'm not going to leave my husband stranded. So at around 7pm after a long delirious day at work I drive all the way to New Haven (about an hour away) and then I sit. I wait. I wait some more. Well, unbeknownst to Trevor although he got on the very next train to New Haven it was not an express. It's never an express when you need it to be. So he didn't roll in until around 9:15 and by that time I'd been sitting in a cold car for over an hour freaking myself out about how my husband might have gotten lost, mugged by ninjas or is sitting at some alternative entrance I don't know exists at Union Station even though I had been there once and thought there was only one MAIN entrance.

You can bet I gave him a big "I told you so" about taking both cell phones.

It was mighty satisfying.

So that's kind of the pattern of how our days have been. No one's been hurt. Everyone's healthy. But I'd be lying if I said all these mini-heart attacks make me a sparkling ray of sunshine. I'm a little antisocial. I'm a little irritated. I might think the world is falling apart because the counter is covered in bagel crumbs from my husband not ever wiping it down (it's his thing) and my laundry is growing moss because it's been so long since anyone washed anything PLUS the pile of dishes in the sink has apparently taken all the spoons. No more spoons for ice cream! Now that's just sad.

Thank god I don't take care of any other living things. I don't even have a plant I water. I used to like 3 years ago but after I went on a trip (perhaps Japan?) and left it at the office to die I have since decided to spare things from being tortured by me.

On the bright side? We spent some time with Trevor's Aunt Deborah and Uncle Henry. We ate Korean food. Pretty cupcakes. Yummy popovers. That was amazingly free of mini-heart-attacks.

On another random bright side? Lex upgraded me to Matron of Honor. Makes me feel way old. Like WAY old and my job is to chaparone the young bridesmaids and make sure they get home before curfew. Joking aside, she's already got a Maid of Honor and I'm almost annoying in my desire to be helpful, thoughtful, and courteous. Like I prepare lists of possible reception sites and I gave her a bridal veil and I donated many hundred yards of tulle and brainstorm unreasonably long lists of bridal shower themes.

I am one of THOSE people. I can't help it. I just worked so hard and so long researching things for my own wedding that if I can save you from like, 10 hours of being neurotic I would love to. It's amazing how many hours I spent looking at stuff I'd never normally care about. Anyway, with all the other 'maids out of state/out of country I guess I'm in charge of rallying the troops and at least getting the ball rolling on bachelorette planning. Lex already shot down my idea of a male clown that later turns into a creepy stripper. Now I gotta start right back at the drawing board! (The thoughts that run through my head would probably not be socially acceptable but I have many thoughts and eventually one of the 4293 billion ideas has got to hit the nail on the head and Lex won't shake her head in disgust, shame and mild confusion.)

Here's the problem though; things I think are cool are not bachelorette level cool. ie: I'd love to take a professional cooking class and learn how to make something ridiculously complicated. Something with lots of chopping and dicing and marinating and rolling and using tiny paring knives and exotic ingredients I can hardly pronounce. But that's not cool. And I'd love to host a proper English tea while wearing a gigantic rimmed hat and white gloves while noshing on finger foods and cucumber sandwiches. It'd be a good excuse to buy a beautiful tea set and really cool hat. But that's not cool either.

Clearly as I get older my definition of a good time becomes increasingly questionable. If it were up to me we'd go outlet shopping and then sit around drinking girlie novelty drinks.

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