The Mommas and the Puppas

House is coming along. I wish I could tell you I finally had counters but, ya know you get used to whatever you have and I hardly mind the cement board and the wood planks we've been using in the meantime. There's no more visible pink on the first floor. Can I tell you how momentous that is? How much more normal our kitchen looks, even with no tiles on the floor and a ton of junk on top of the cabinetry. This might be how normal people live.

I was reading this article that Nia Vardalos wrote about Mother's Day after finally becoming a mother this year and it nearly broke my heart because although I'm never that person who would ever ever ever assume someone is pregnant without like, a written documentation of the fact and like 3 sonograms I can understand how women have a build in competition. To be the thinnest. To be the most fertile. To be the smartest. To be the most successful...and it's just true of people from all walks of life. Whether you're a celebrity or a little sad peon like myself. You take your own inadequacies and you project them outwards as a snide comment or or mean biting reply and you hope to tear people down so that they're as hate filled as you are.

On a brighter note...hey, MOTHER'S DAY! I treated my mom, dad and Trevor to a Mother's Day feast of scallop and shrimp lasagna rolls with spinach in a homemade cream sauce, a huge mixed greens salad, roasted garlic, store made rolls, deviled eggs and fresh fruit as dessert. I stress the store made rolls part because I made everything else. I even chopped up the pineapple. I was thinking about baking something for dessert but glad I didn't because everyone was so full they hardly ate the strawberries I hulled. Plus my mom hates chocolate and sweets of that nature. She'd always rather have fresh fruit. I wish Trevor's mom could have come but it was sort of an "on the fly" meal I decided on the morning-of. A task that I might add is much harder with a dog that insists on sitting right on top of your feet when you make things in hopes you'll decide to drop some food his way. He even grabbed at some spinach before he realized he didn't like it or actually want any of that green stuff.

I wish I cooked more but it's so hard to pull together with a discombobulated kitchen and the Pup always having little "mistakes". Hopefully come this summer we'll have the ability to pull together a proper housewarming party and we can eat a delicious homemade meal. I need good practice if I genuinely intend on hosting Thanksgiving one day.

I adore this puppy. I know that's really boring reading and I sound like every other crazed pet owner, but...I'm sorry he's glorious. And having him makes me realize that love has no boundaries. Whether your kid is your own flesh or adopted or an entirely different species you can love if it's inside you to share that love.

Happy Mother's day! I hope you have someone to share your love with.

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