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I have started going to the gym.

Yes, Me.  I am also baffled by this.

The truth is that I made time to nurse and pump for my baby for seven months of his life.  Even when it was terribly inconvenient and I was tired at 3am and I looked like a blind hobo dressed me...I still did it.  I still found the energy to follow through and just do it.  People do it everyday! It's best for the baby!! It's only a little bit longer!! Exclaimation POINTS!!!

While pumping and gyming might not seem immediately related I figure that if I could dig that deep and find the energy for my kid, I would be short changing myself if I could not find a few moments each week to take care of myself.  To give myself more energy for my family.  To become the hottest momma at the sandbox.  I wanted it and I was convinced I could do it. I'm only getting closer and closer to 30 and what do I have to show for it?  I might be thin but thin people die of heart disease too.  I have a family that I need to be a…