Bzz Bzz...Burts Bees....Bzz

First, what the heck is a bzzagent?  Go HERE to find out if you want. Otherwise we'll get to the meat of the story.

Personally I love talking about products.  I cannot talk enough about things I love and have done so at great annoying length previously on this blog in exchange for nothing. Zero. Nada. I even dished out over $100 on Vichy lotion (no lie) just because I like it that much.  To actually try something without such a ding to my wallet each time is perfect for me so that's why I became a Bzzagent.

I've had a few campaigns so far but I haven't felt the need to talk about some of them but I finally got a few beauty ones and oh boy, I love getting free beauty products in the mail. I don't even have to leave my house and deal with my cute but mischievous child getting antsy in a shopping cart.  Plus my coworkers LOVE me because they get a ton of free samples and coupons without having to join or sign up for anything at all. 

I got into the Burts Bees Sensitive Skin Solutions campaign and also the Frederick Fekkai campaign, so I was psyched.

I'll start off by admitting that I do not have sensitive skin.  I have combination skin and I all I look for is balance.  I don't want anything to be too goopy oily nor do I want a cleanser that rips out every single speck of moisture from my face.  I tend to believe harsh cleansers irritate skin into overcompensating and producing too much oil which leads to worse and worse oily skin and acne issues.  So I was really surprised how much I loved the cleanser that's part of the line.  It's not soap based so it might freak you out that your cleanser doesn't sud up but despite that it still feels clean and it's so gentle I could probably open my eyes while washing my face and never feel that stinging chemical feeling.  The lotion was okay, nothing particularly amazing but not oily.  Not greasy. Hypo-Allergenic.  For the price it's a perfectly good lotion.  Having spent considerably more money I like how rich expensive lotion sinks in like velvet but I may try out their Radiance Day Lotion because it has SPF built in and the reviews are very positive.  I like a day lotion that has it all built in, especially for the summer months when the sun feels like it's constantly beating on you.  I understand people with legitimately sensitive skin may not react well to SPF so that's why they likely left it all out.  There are different products for different people so it bodes well that my general feelings are positive and I'm curious about their other lines.

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