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Say Hello to Thirtysomething

I figure the best time to post would be on the Eve (well not exactly the EVE EVE but you know, fairly close) of my 30th Birthday!

And I know (sadly) that people don't look forward to their 30th Birthday but that has a lot less to do with the number and more to do with their expectation of what that number means.  ie: if you saw yourself married to Daniel Craig and at home barefoot and pregnant and that's a far flung dream then yes, it's a disappointment. But it's not the number 30's fault. 

(Can you tell? I watch a lot of Sesame Street.)

Thirty is great.  Being thirty is grand! You want to know why?  I'm not neurotic about everything like I was in my early 20s.  I spent so much time being crazy about boys, about my appearance, about clothes, about status symbol purchases, about stupid nonsense.  Getting older is great because I have the best family, and I never appreciated it until very recently.  I have amazing loving parents who bend over backwards for me an…