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The Running

I hate working out. I'm not the kind of person who takes great joy in a good sweat.  I'd much rather be sitting in a cool dry place away from UV rays sipping an iced coffee, but the reality is that I'm in my 30's, I have two small kids and lest I accept a life spent with a pouchy belly I better accept that doing what I have always done isn't going to get me back into bathing suit shape.

What I hate even more than working out is self loathing and a soft muffin top hanging out of my thanks to vanity here I am.  Peer pressure has pushed me to train for a 5k. I know...I know...I'm following the herd of other 5k people throwing money at events laden with paint or mud or glow in the dark junk.  But gimmicks aside, planning to run a 5k means training to RUN a 5k.  I know you can walk it, but really what is the point of that?  I can walk anywhere at any time for the low low price of $0.

So rewind to June to when my best pal peer pressures me to do a 5k with…