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Yo, Veggies!

Saint Patrick's Day means something distinct to Irish Americans and anyone on a college campus where green beer is fun, but to me?  It means Kim Chi making time due to the deep discounts on cabbage.  Normal Kim Chi has Napa Cabbage but I actually prefer common white cabbage because it's much crunchier as it sits and ferments.  I like normal Kim Chi too but after a few months hanging around the back of my fridge it's so wilted there's no crunch left.  Mind you, it's still totally fine and edible as is the magical nature of Kim Chi, a food which hard core Koreans would dig holes in their backyard, throw their jars of Kim Chi into said holes and allow to ferment out where it wouldn't have to stink up their house. The only problem with making it involves cutting it up so it's a good chop stick consuming size because I am kind of unfocused now that I have two ankle biters running wild in my kitchen.  Today I tripped on a dump truck in the kitchen and almost died…

Ramen Soup

One of my new fascinations is ramen.  I know I'm like 10 years late on this since I'm so far removed from college but I never really needed to eat ramen as an undergrad.  Between my meal plan, sandwiches and salads-to-go and the mountain of snacks I hoarded under my bed, eating ramen seemed silly.  Why even bother? I'm talking things imported from Japan and Korea and Indonesia.  I've paid $3 for one packet of ramen and I'll tell you right now...I'd do it again.  It was so good. Normally I don't eat ramen. all because it's obviously not health food, but my husband is not much for cooking and if I get sick I have to make my own sick-people-soup.  I clearly cannot be trusted to cook a good meal if I'm dribbling germs all over so ramen is usually my first choice followed by crock pot cooking and chinese take out.  But ramen is nice and soupy and hot and fast.

My current case (and yes, I buy it by the case because it's cheaper and easier t…