Can it Cover this Girl and Outlast this life?

Dudes...did you know I'm not a big makeup wearer?  I've tried at various points in my life to snazzy up with a little lipstick and a little powder but I am about 95% of the time completely without any true foundation type makeup because a.) makeup takes time and I'd rather be sleeping b.) it feels weird for people who don't wear makeup everyday to suddenly wear makeup.  I do like buying makeup at the drugstore oddly enough. I like looking at beautiful packaging and I especially love a nice tube of lipstick. Nothing perks me up like a new lippy.  Not lip gloss, not lip stain, not lip balm...just old fashioned stick to your teeth lipstick. I love it.

However now that I'm getting older I admit that I need a little advantage in my court. Those long nights have caught up to me comforting my fussy younger child (my elder child was a dream so for all of you thinking about number two just remember that. I preemptively curse you just as I was also preemptively cursed. Now the cycle is complete). I look...tired.  Not that I have cystic acne to cover or malasma discoloration or rosacea or anything. I imagine things like that have a significantly more difficult time being covered up and god bless you if you fight that every day.  I love watching youtube videos of those folks putting on makeup because it's truly astounding how they transform. I think it's great. I know a lot of grumpy comments think it's "witchcraft" and trickery but those people are literally trolls who probably wish they could ever get anyone to love their disgusting selves.  And they aren't disgusting because of their skin they're disgusting because their personalities literally ooze bile.  At least those makeup girls on youtube are reaching out to the global community and sharing how they deal with the hand they've been given and giving 13 year old girls who've never put on concealer a chance at feeling good.

With all that ranting done I will admit I'm not a makeup person and I probably put my makeup on all wrong but I'm not pretending to be a pro makeup artist, okay? You've been warned. 

I did however receive a voxbox from and in it I received a ton of cool goodies that are right up my alley.  I do not get paid by them, I did not pay for these products, I do not get paid for my review, I don't get anything period actually I am very poor like that...but I got some free product and in my particular case that's great.  I love trying new things because it's a great thing to talk about and I love talking about new topics.  My brain has atrophied upon having children and all I talk about are my kids.  So I received the product for free but opinions are my own and in no way impacted by the fact I received this product from Influenster.  FTC don't come after me.  

My first makeup product that I bought with my own money was a Covergirl product.  I can't remember what it was but it was a thicker foundation in a compact with a sponge applicator and the color was terrible and it made any of my zits appear way more obvious. My teenage makeup skills were awesome.  Oh and the color was strange because even though it was as close as I could get to my actual skin color it had a weird pinky undertone that just didn't work with my Southeast Asian skin. It is clearly a Caucasian person's playing field when you buy product. Since then I've pretty much avoided any product similar to that paste like texture and I haven't looked back.  I received a Covergirl Outlast Stay Luminous foundation in Buff Beige and to be fair, I tried it a few times.  I think my first opinions about makeup are almost always wrong because either I didn't apply it right or I didn't realize I was missing a step.  I am straight up a mess when it comes to new stuff like that.  

Anyway, this comes in a really nice sturdy glass pump container so you don't contaminate the whole product with your greasy bacteria skin (teenage self, I'm looking right at you!).  Just one pump and you've got product and the rest of it is perfectly encased for later.  I love that. If you have acne or just generally get grossed out hygiene issues or if by some chance you have friends with the same color skin as you this is perfect.  Or if you're a mom with any kids at all you know eventually they're going to be hijacking your stuff so it's good to have it contained before you find beige finger painting on your bathroom wall.

It's a "luminous" labeled product so I expected it to be kind of "glowy" for lack of a better term. That can either mean shiny or glittery.  In this particular case it's a light to medium coverage so your skin still shows through and it has a sort of light sheen but not really shimmering like a highlighter product would be.  It's not super shiny though...kind of semi-matte if we're talking wall paint analogies.  It's like...two steps away from being a fully matte product but not there yet.  I like that it doesn't feel too mask like and heavy but it was definitely THERE.  I didn't get the feeling it sank in and felt naturally part of my skin at any point.  Just sat on the surface. 

This is also labeled an "outlast" product so how did it last?  It's certainly not waterproof as shown by the time I started crying cutting onions and needed to splash some water on my face to cut down the burning.  I would not suggest wearing this baby to the beach. It's lighter coverage is generally nice and "breezy" to take a phrase right from the Covergirl cannon but I found it didn't last a full day on my skin type. If you have drier skin than I do it'll probably fare much better for you. I have normal skin that leans oily during the summer months and I absolutely cannot use this without powdering it down to set everything in place.  Fully matte products just tend to have better lasting ability and since this wasn't a fully matte product it just didn't want to last all day. 

Conclusions? It was okay. It far exceeded my teenage experiences with the more basic Covergirl products of the 90's and the packaging is top notch as far as I'm concerned.  I prefer some spf in my product just because piling on product over product over product can feel heavy and gross during the summer months and lead to disgusting break outs.  I liked that the coloring wasn't too pink toned and there was no obnoxious smell from the product as I kind of remember the other basic covergirl powders and foundations tended to have. It may be a better product for me to touch back on come cooler weather.  This little baby is packaged in a 1 oz glass vial with built in pump and retails for about $9.99 at your local pharmacy. I think the price is a tad steep for what you get so wait for a sale and use a coupon. It's not a revolutionary product you need to run and get ASAP right at this moment. They do have a ton of colors to choose from though so I think you'll probably have a good shot at finding a match for you unlike teenage me. 

If you would like to join influenster as well you can use my referral link or you can obviously open up a new browser and sign up that way. Again, no monies for me either way.  I will be following up with a general review of my entire voxbox so you can live vicariously through me! Yay! 

On a side note I also received a Covergirl Outlast Longwear Lipcolor. It's a matte lipstick and it's just one tube. The older Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor has a two-tube system and I actually do like that one. It hangs on ALL day no problem short of eating a pile of greasy chicken wings your lipstick is staying on.  The colors I got were kind of shimmery so I took a hiatus from using it because I felt really..I dunno, 80s retro.  This is a one tube, traditional lipstick with a matte finish and it does last a long time because as previously stated matte products just generally last a long time.  It does oddly enough wipe off, so don't try kissing someone right after application but as it wears off it does so evenly and I don't end up with a highly pigmented upper lip and no pigment at all on my lower lip (which totally happens) so that's pretty nice.  I guess the way it stains your lips just has a more even wear.  I got a really bright pink which I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself but it's nice to branch out.  I do actually like it now that it has been foisted on me and think the pink is perfect for that fresh spring time dewy look that they're probably trying to popularize.  However you must have exfoliated lips before using this product or it cakes up in your creases and looks very odd.  Smooth lips are a must and while my lips didn't feel chapped after using it I didn't find it to be very moisturizing so slap on some conditioning lip balm overnight or your lips will feel way too dry using this everyday.  For about $6.99 a tube I feel a little disappointed by it's lack of outlastability but it's better than just "plain" lipstick with no staying power at all.

UPDATE: Upon using the foundation a bit longer I found a zit. I guess I forgot how easily my skin would flair up with this kind of product (my usual product actually amazingly does not cause me to ever break out) so this will have to sit it out for the summer. I can't deal with pimples. 

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