It's a cushion...for my face

Did you miss makeup madness?  Probably not, but while I'm in the mood I've wanted to mention my current interest in cushion foundation.  I don't think too much about the other cushion products but since it's such a craze in Korea there's typically a reason something like that really takes off.  Typically I'm a big fan of Physician's Formula products at the drugstore even though they're a pricier product there because they don't make me break out, almost everything contains SPF30+, many are fragrance free and all of the BB and CC products other than just tinting my face actually have skincare properties as well and I'm willing to pay a bit more to avoid looking like a pizza.  I was going to try and get the PF cushion but as much as I wander CVS I haven't seen my shade and in an impatient moment I decided to just jump on and get the L'oreal True Match Lumi Cushion product instead.  I bought it with my own money and after sales and rebates it was less than $6, which I feel is a totally appropriate sum to pay for less than half an ounce of product that I probably won't even wear everyday because I'm too busy for that.  The product is literally soaked into a sponge that's inside a compact.  The sponge applicator provided is not meant to absorb the product as much as it's just a thin flat plane which to pick it up.

Color.  I detest picking my shade and for some reason L'oreal must have known this because they had these sheer, kind of sticker type things to help you pick your color.  It's actually more like transparent tape but there are mini examples of the foundation color and if you smack them on your face you can try and determine which is closest to your color.  It's pretty cool and every company should probably try this.  Other than looking like a weirdo for a second I think it was pretty helpful.  Oddly enough the sticker test told me I'd be "Classic Ivory" which I'd never pick for myself.  I'm usually some form of Beige.  I'm not super pale by any means but Ivory always means pale to me.  Feeling confused I bought the recommended "Classic Ivory" dubious about the color match.  I was even more dubious when I dipped my finger in and swiped on my hand.  It seemed way too pale but I kept moving forward and tried it anyhow.  At first I looked like a ghost but once I added in my blush, bronzer, contour and highlight, surprise! Everything blended together and looked good.  I think the product oxidizes a bit, so yet another reason why it's so hard to find a correct match.  If you find one of the little sticker things I'd recommend using it as a guide before you throw down the retail price of $16.99.

Method.  I like the weird little sponge and how it forces you to press the product in a kind of blotting motion rather than rubbing it in like you'd do with sunblock.  I have a beauty sponge and it follows the same idea and I think the finish when using a beauty sponge is amazing.  Not the little white triangle things but the ones that look like a big teardrop.  I haven't a clue why but it makes a world of difference.  Also you put on the sheerest possible amount with one press of the sponge and it feels really lightweight even in comparison to my usual CC cream which is already less coverage than normal foundation.  I don't know how but although it's feather light the coverage is good for me and I felt I didn't need any concealer at all.  Normally the bags under my eyes beg for some lightening up but surprisingly the cushion really did make it seem nice and luminous.  I know I've heard people complain you get less product than a typical foundation or BB cream but for a higher price however I'm not bothered by this because you don't need to use as much product and if they gave you more you'd likely exceed the correct life span of your foundation and get all kinds of gross bacteria build up.  In my opinion it's better to have slightly less product and force people to be mindful of their expiration dates.  Also? If you're really industrious you can clean your cushion and sponge and refill it with whatever mixture of product you like.  Some CC cream, sunblock, liquid bronzer, facial serum blend, perhaps?  Have a power punch of color, sun protection, glow and true skincare all in one little easy to transport compact.  Unlike with powder or regular foundation this really lends itself to reuse.

Wear time.  It actually lasted all day with minimal need for touch up and when I finally decided to clean my face and take it off there was a ton of makeup that came free.  Much better lasting than BB or CC cream.  For both products I tend to set my face with powder because I don't think any foundation-type product really stands a chance without a little help.  I have normal/combination skin and I think overall this is a nice natural finish everyday "natural look" makeup that tends to hang on more like a traditional foundation and if you don't need intense coverage you may find this to be a fun alternative to whatever you're already into.  I don't have acne scarring, zits or anything of major significance to cover up but I like how it just evens out my color without making me look like I'm layering it on like a drag queen. This L'oreal product surprisingly has no SPF in it but I know a lot of American makeup companies try to avoid it just because for flash photography it can cause flashback issues.  Also SPF has a certain shelf life and would often diminish the time people would feel comfortable using their product.  Most Korean cushions will contain SPF.

Will I buy it again?  I don't know.  There are too many products on the market to try.  I know Laneige launched their line at Target so I can get authentic Korean product to try and their cushion product comes with refills so once you buy into it it's a lower cost to simply refill your cushion case rather than start anew and fill our landfills with more stuff.  There are several other Korean brands that are growing more traction in the states but their limited color range hasn't quite caused me to jump onto Amazon and start filling my cart.  And again, I've been very loyal to PF and appreciate that their products have a multitude of benefits for a forgetful busy mom-type.  I'm not crazy about all of their stuff but the BB cream, CC cream, mineral wear powder, most of the bronzers, argan oil and Eye Booster products are top notch.  Lancome came out with their cushion months ago and since L'oreal is owned by Lancome I'm not surprised that it's overall execution has been very good. Of the ones I've seen L'oreal and Lancome have by far the most extensive color selections.  You're pretty much out of luck finding your shade if you're any darker than I am if you're choosing from original Korean offerings.

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