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Having a Ferris Bueller Moment

I'm kind of a boring with age.  I am tentative about using the term conservative because it has distinctly political connotations and I don't want to deal with any of that but my choices as I age are less crazy and risk taking.  Plus as I understand economics better I feel the need to put my money where my thoughts and beliefs are.  Example, I don't do that whole Kardashian thing.  Like, at all.  I don't watch the shows, I don't have the apps, I don't buy the makeup or the clothes or any of the things that they shill on the regular.  I don't do it because a.) I genuinely don't believe there's that much quality assurance that goes into their products b.) if you keep buying into it they'll keep thinking you want more and they'll keep pushing out more.  I'd like for it all to quietly go away.  Much like I'd like Jessica Simpson to please stop "designing" clothes, shoes and bags.  I didn't care for her music or shows in the…

Run, run as fast as you can

I don't post frequently but in my mind I do.  Kind of like how I feel like I've replied to text messages but in reality I thought the reply but never actually created words and sent them. I get points for at least mentally replying? Anyway, mild momnesia aside my point was that I organized a group of a few coworkers and a few non coworkers to run a local 5k.  Actually I can't hold a gun to anyone's head and make them run so a few are walking but their participation warms my heart.  Nothing like forced social situations to make us feel guilty about not remaining active!

Actually as silly as it may sound to pay money to participate in running in circles I'm fond of it because it's a good clean healthy thing to do with others that involves no drinking, no arguing about movies and not spending copious amounts of money eating out and trying to accommodate everyone's dietary restrictions and preferences.  It used to be so easy to hang out with people, may…