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Leaves are falling

It's fall again.  My favorite season.  I've already been sick twice from my germ carrying children now that they're both in school and covered in bacteria.

In less charming news I've been very MIA because a lot of life things have happened.  Uncle Henry passed away.  Evelyn passed away.  A co-worker of mine passed away that was younger than I. There was a great deal of tenant turnover over the summer and Trev had to deal with a lot of that drama and the physical demands of renovation between patrons.  The summer as a whole was not what I had anticipated so in a way I'm happy it's over.  I won't get into the minutia of all of the things but it was very emotionally distressing in addition to the overall grief of people passing away and having to explain it to the children in a way that wasn't too disturbing.  My heart is pretty tired of feeling so sad but I try to keep reminding myself at least it's still trucking. 
They're such good kids.  They …