Monday, July 30, 2007

Wedding Venues Galore

The tours we took on Saturday were pretty good. I definitely have yet to put a down payment on a place yet though since I was not blown away impressed yet. The Glastonbury Hills Country Club was okay. I think it'd be a better place for "reception only" since their gazebo is nothing special and it's like 20 feet from the road. It just happened that they took all the pictures of it from a flattering angle so you can't see it's proximity to the road and parking lot. The inside is okay. I like that they have a "coffee nook" that's a little removed from the dinner area where people can chill out but it could use a coat of paint to really refresh the room.

We then toured The Pavilions at Crystal Lake, and that was much better. The lake is gorgeous and a beautiful photo opp. The grounds are however not terribly lush. The trees that surround the gazebo area where they typically have ceremonies is very sparse and covered in pine needles. The "aisle" is all gravel, like the kind you'd find on someone's driveway so it definitely would need to be covered by a cloth path. I do like that the gazebo is well removed from the banquet facility. And since it's in the woods a little it feels intimate. It only comes with two sets of benches so you'd have to rent your own chairs; the facility does not offer any of their own to rent. I feel like the place has a lot of good potential. I just also feel like I'd have to pay a really good florist to "fill in the blanks" where the facility itself is bare. The inside is also very straightforward. It's all one room. No bridal suite. There is a little "balcony" if you can call it that. The word balcony evokes a romantic feeling, but it's more like a little loft area. They fit two tables up there for overflow, but I feel like it'd be a good kids corner where they can be chaotic and have fun apart from the adults. The inside is ALL wood. It's not dark, but it's all wood and therefore has a very traditional, country feeling to it. I'm not entirely sold on it because I think Trevor and I are a little more modern but again, with a good florist they could probably fill in the space in a more Kelly friendly way.

I'm looking to take Trevor to see Mill on The River in South Windsor. I haven't been there, which is unusual since it's so nearby and it seems everyone else has. They have very affordable packages and compared to other places I could get a lot more food and drink. As long as they look nice enough to get married at it's one of the more convenient and budget friendly options available to me. I don't love the fact that it's a restaurant and will be very busy on date nights, but Trevor seems to want to have a luncheon-type wedding over a late night reception so it might bode well for this particular facility since lunch is sure to be much slower than dinner.

In non wedding news I got a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans in the mail. They fit like a glove, and then add in the fact that they're skinny jeans and I'm in love. I'm one of few who really dig skinny jeans; probably because I'm skinny and I think it makes my legs look 10 miles long. You definitely cannot wear sneakers with these kind of jeans. It evokes an ubber glam feeling of the 80's without all the pesky big hair.

Trevor's mom and aunt have already inquired about where we're registered. Since we've yet to find an adequate place to be wed I'm a tad confused about why they'd care about where we're registered. Trevor's sort of anti registry because we have an adequate kitchen. Thanks to work I received hundreds of dollars in gift cards and I used all of them to either fill our kitchen or the lighting in our apartment. So I really didn't break the bank on my kitchenware because it was primarily paid for by my employer as a reward for great customer service. And then my mom bought my rice cooker, steamer, coffee grinder and mini food processor.

I could use a few upgrades, but they aren't quite as plentiful as a couple that is just starting out. I find it doubtful I'll have more than twenty items on my registry. I really like things that have more than one purpose, so you won't see my registering for a juicer, bread maker, or fondue pot. I'm really quite obsessed with my most recent purchase. It's a Cereal container, but don't let the simpleness of the concept pass you by. It's actually quite an amazing container because it has a total of 3 compartments and an ice ring to keep everything cool. It keeps the milk separate from the dry cereal and you can also have fresh fruit along with it to make it a balanced meal on the go. Since I often find myself forgetting to eat breakfast because I'm rushing out the door it's a great way to bring breakfast along with me without leaks or sogginess. It's a great idea for dieters too because it forces you to portion control.

It's GENIUS and I only wish I thought of it first.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cathy's in Town

I did something that I haven't done in at least 3 years. I hung out with Kim and Cathy on Wednesday evening. Ever since Cathy moved to Montana with her then boyfriend Casey she's pretty much been out of the picture but now that she and Casey are engaged she has decided to come back East to have her wedding and therefore right now she's busy planning and viewing locations for her big day.

At present I think she's going to be doing it at La Renaissance in East Windsor with the ceremony preceding it at a Baptist church in Hartford. If you happen to know Cathy's mom you'll know how energetic and social she is and as a result you will also not be surprised to hear that their wedding will probably include over 200 guests. But for Cathy's economic sanity her parents are taking care of the cost of the reception.

In any case, since Kim is the maid of honor in both of our weddings was going to hang out with Cathy anyhow and since I literally never see her I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to spend time with two of my favorite girls. Considering so much time has passed I suppose I was expecting it to be different, but Cathy is very much as I last remember her. She's super loud, aggressive, slightly rude, and mildly offensive...but that's her. We all met up for a bite to eat at Carrabba's in Manchester since Kim's newest beau Ryan is training to be general manager of a different Carrabba's location. The food was "eh". I'd give it 2 1/2 stars for being edible, but nothing worth going out of your way for. I thought the Red Snapper Chowder was pretty good but the ravioli wasn't amazing. Trevor got an upset stomach two times; once when he originally ate the meal and then the next day when he dug into leftovers.

Ryan seemed nice enough; though I wasn't exactly expecting him to be rude and crude. He kind of reminds me of a coworker of mine from work. He's nice but slightly awkward. Apparently Ryan lost a lot of weight; having looked at his license he looks like an entirely different person from his ID.

In any case, it was very entertaining to see the girls. The next day Trevor and I went to Willi to tie up some loose ends with the old Miata that Coran crashed and never took care of registration things after the crash. In any case, we stood in line at the town hall for a little bit, chatted up some of Trevor's mom's tenants since we were in the area and then we went out to have some wings at Bidwell Tavern with one of Trevor's WoW friends. Yes, my fiance is a World of Warcraft addict, but I hardly think anything of it since it gives him a way to communicate with people other than me on a day to day basis.

So after two days going out after work I'm pretty pooped. It makes me feel old. It never used to feel so worn out from going out and coming home before midnight.

In wedding related news, since I know no entry is complete without some kind of update, I'm taking two tours tomorrow. One in the morning at the Glastonbury Hills Country Club and one at the Pavillions at Crystal Lake in the afternoon. Trevor and I always go out to sushi every Saturday for lunch so we'll be doing that in between our two appointments. I hope that one of these places is "it" so that I'm done with this!

I'm more than happy to put a down payment on a place if I like it. And knowing that Cathy's got her place lights a fire under me to claim a date! They go surprisingly fast, even a year out like this. Ryan recommended the Aqua Turf in Plantsville, but it's a little farther than I'd like to go for our wedding distance-wise so it'll be the next one on my list if both tours tomorrow come up short. It's a tad pricier than I'd like, but if the service is as good as Ryan said then it may be worthwhile to consider.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lily Lake; No go

The Lily Lake Inn was very...disappointing for me. The outside is gorgeous, but the inside is...very sparse and 80's-like with floral carpeting and mirrors on the walls. And even the outside was very sparse. I don't know how they would ever fit 100+ people out there for a ceremony unless everyone is awkwardly standing around. Even though they have a very generous amount of land, it's not well utilized and it doesn't flow well. The girl that gave us the tour seemed nice though; she definitely wasn't trying to do any upselling and seemed more than willing to try to accommodate us.

After I woke Trevor up and dragged him 45 minutes out of town I treated him to some Thai food for lunch. We went to East-West Grill in West Hartford. I love their Thai food. Their Lao didn't exactly knock me off my feet when I had it but their Thai is better than most in the area. And their menu is very eclectic enough to include a little Vietnamese and a little Japanese.

We picked up a few items at the asian grocery store since we were in the general area and then went home to do a few chores. One thing I really like about summer is that I feel so much more productive; the sun is out longer and if it's not raining I'm out and about running errands. I washed my car and my dad waxed it for me (he's truly more in love with my car than I am) and I went to the regular grocery store for a bit to pick up some sugar for my mom.

Unfortunately tomorrow is another day back at work. I never dreaded going to work at my old position because I knew what to do. lol Now that I'm kind of bumbling around trying to be trained I feel very...under utilized and I don't like it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kelly's Bouquet Service...Now Open!

I totally said that I was going to do it but because I'm lazy I kept putting it off....UNTIL NOW!

Trevor went to Willi to do a little painting so I took the opportunity to roam around the craft store for supplies, and to the grocery store for...what else? Groceries, but since they also have a floral section I picked up some Gerbera Daisies and Mini-Roses to "experiment" with.

Here are the results of my toiling with wire and ribbons.

I'm actually very satisfied with it even though it's quite small, it has a nice "pop" with the daisies in there. For the real deal I'll probably have a shorter handle but other than that, it's exactly as I imagined. (Since the handle is a little long it's farther from my body and that's why it looks so large in the 2nd picture. It's a good size for a bridesmaids bouquet.) I'm not so in love with all the pink, but that was the nicest combination of sizes and colors they had for under $10. I had to dole out about $20 for craft product like wire and ribbon...I also broke down and got a glue gun, but all those things can be reused at least 10 more times which I probably won't go through anytime soon.

The ribbon is actually a pale yellow, but it looks a little washed out in the pictures. Right now I have it sitting in a glass because my vases are far too big since normal bouquets have much longer stems than this hand-held version. Plus unlike at a real wedding I have no need to carry a bouquet in my hands all day long. I kept the ends un-covered so I could let them stay alive longer but putting them in water. In all the directions I read they tell you to cover them for a better handle.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lake or Golf Course?

I'm quite bored at work since I still don't know anything.

On the bright side I've found a place I'm going to tour for our possible wedding venue. The website for The Lily Lake Inn is unusually good for a wedding facility and while it's about 45 minutes away from us, it's still not quite as far as say, the shoreline. They seemed really nice, although I'm a little worried about getting an opening. It seems they're quite booked up but if I like the facility enough I may be willing to compromise on the date.

Apart from them I'm considering The Pavilion but they haven't responded to my email in over a week so their customer service isn't starting off on the best foot. And then after those I'll probably take a gander at a few country clubs. All the cute inns and hotels are out of my price range for an Autumn wedding. And many inns are just too small to cater to a guest list over 100 people.

In jean related news I got my VB Rocks Jeans in the mail and they fit quite well. I'm not used to buying jeans by the waistline (ie: 29" waist versus buying a size 6) but after getting over that hurdle I have to say they don't ride down as easily and therefore get a thumbs up in my book. There simply isn't anything worse than an unintentional butt-crack hanging out. I'm not crazy about the rhinestones but I'm sure those will fall off with time. I'm also eyeing another pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans but I'm trying not to go jeans crazy.

I haven't seen or heard much from Kim now that she's got a man. So it seems as though he may be more than simply some rebound guy. One day I hope to meet him but at this rate it may be some time before mine and Kim's paths intersect. In a way that's good though, she's the kind of person who needs to be occupied or she becomes restless.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mustangs and Omelets

Weekend wasn't exactly as productive as I wanted it to be. It was just too hot to motivate myself.

On the plus side, Kim did come over for brunch but wasn't up for beaching due to having already overextended herself all the rest of her weekend already having driven to NYC and back that Saturday and going out with her friend Jen that same night in Springfield. How that girl manages to not fall over from exhaustion is beyond me.

In any case, I made her, myself and Trevor omelets and toast with OJ. And Kim, having rented a Mustang that weekend, brought it over and we too some pix of her in it...and on it.

It was very funny, but it was so hot out that Trevor and I quickly retreated to the indoors. On the bright side (depending on how you look at it) Kim's begun dating. I haven't met the newest guy, but considering he's the first in quite some time it's probably best to not count our chickens before they hatch. It's not often that the rebound guy is "the one" but she's happy so I can't complain. It's nice that she has someone to share some of her time with.

Today was my first day at my new job. It was all sitting around sitting side by side, so it was a little over my head today, but I figure that I'll be a fast learner once I actually get going. This morning I started off with no phone, my email didn't work, and I didn't have a mouse pad. But on the plus side, my new manager Sean was nice enough to bring in Panera Bagels to ring in my first day. He's a really nice guy and I get the feeling that he'll be a much more effective manager than my previous one. Not because of the bagels alone, but so far my experiences with him have been very positive.

I've also been considering buying some fake boobs. And by fake boobs I mean I want to get some "chicken cutlet" type things to shove in my bra for my wedding day so I'm not so flat-chested. I'm actually very happy with my shape in normal life and I've always hated padded bras and push up things that squish 'em up and out but it'll look better in my gown if I'm not so boyish stick straight.

I look forward to my new Rock and Republic Victoria Beckham Jeans coming in the mail. I'm surprisingly in love with the Spice Girls and excited about them getting back together. lol I didn't even like them that much back in high school, but it's so nostalgic that they're back together and Posh was always my favorite. Plus I hear amazing things about her jeans making any and all butts very...perky. And having realized that two pairs of my jeans have holes near the rear pocket areas I felt like it was time for some new jeans.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bye Bye RPSC

Unfortunately Trevor's friend Jerry had a family thing come up and canceled our little get together on Thursday. On the bright side we got to go out and get some sushi mid-week since were all dressed up with no where to go. Since Jerry is a grown woman with a husband and kids of her own I totally understand that things happen. Maybe we can try to get together another time.

Friday was my last day working on the service center. Even though they threw me an early going away lunch the prior week my fantastic coworkers got together and decorated my cube (in my wedding colors no less!) and got a dozen donuts for us to nosh on. I will miss them very much though we'll still be in the same office so I'm sure they won't be seeing the last of me. Even on my last day I was doing work; which most other people would probably not be doing but I figure I don't want to leave my team in a lurch during one of the busier times of the year. I cleaned my cube, packed up a box of personal items, recycled 2 years worth of memos, job aides, tax charts and quality reminders, worked on 2 quality reviews, helped my replacement get her things in order with spreadsheets she'd need, and helped my manager and the two assistant directors with their 6 month team averages for the review period. Why they couldn't do it themselves is beyond me.

I truly am nervous about how the office will go on without me. Even though I'm pretty much an underling I've somehow put my paws in everything and managed to assist in projects all the way up to the assistant vice president of our call center. I know that I'm supposed to be concerned about myself and my own career before that of others but I can't help but worry about people doing what used to be my work "wrong." But apart from that I'm very excited to learn something new and it'll be good for me to expand my repertoire.

I'm excited about my brunch tomorrow. It's a stunning day out today so hopefully that keeps up for tomorrow as well. Other than that I don't have too many things on my "to do" list. I was considering going to the craft store to buy some floral tape and wire. If I got some cheap flowers, even from the grocery store, I could experiment with putting together a nice bouquet
and go through the motions. You really never know how a project will go until you start doing it.

In other news I got a small quote put together from Avon Old Farms Inn for a wedding, but for $70 a head I'd have to make a lot of compromises that I don't necessarily want to do yet. I don't really want to have a Friday evening wedding or a Saturday morning one either to accomplish getting that price. But I think $70 a person is very generous for a decent meal and appetizers considering that I'll have to pay more money for a DJ, flowers, hair, tuxes, photographer...etc. too.

I suppose the search is still on for the perfect reception area.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Light Curry Chicken

Truly this started off as being a food blog. lol I feel really bad that it's somehow morphed into "All wedding all the time."

Last night I did cook so I can actually share some tips!

Light Curry Chicken
8-10 oz of cubed boneless skinless chicken breast pieces (small is good for stir-fry)
1 tsp of curry powder
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1 tbsp of olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 clove of minced garlic
1/2 tsp of honey
1/2 of a chopped onion
1/2 seeded and minced jalapeno pepper

Marinate chicken, honey, cumin, coriander, curry powder and olive oil together. The longer the better, but at least 1 hour. In a hot wok or frying pan drizzle a little oil and saute up your jalapeno pepper then add garlic. Add chicken and when it starts to look brown add the onions. stir fry until onions have started to soften. Serve over rice.

I'm a big curry fan but I have no patience cooking something for hours so the meat is tender. So this is definitely lighter fare since it doesn't have a creamy base the way normal curries would. However I think that onions and curry are a match made in heaven and it just brings out an amazing sweetness in the onion to contrast the spices and jalapeno. The honey makes it easier for the otherwise colorless chicken breast to get a nice caramelized brown. If you like it hot then don't get rid of the seeds, the recipe is pretty mild but nicely aromatic from the spices.

If a person can have a favorite spice, mine would have to be cumin.

I invited Kim over to have brunch at my apartment this Sunday. I figure I have a ton of eggs and it'd be nice to do some casual entertaining. I'm not as much of a hostess as Kim is, but I'm certainly a very avid chef if given the opportunity. I'll be doing omelets. Toast. Maybe home fries or turkey bacon. But most definitely mimosas =) She's probably going to ask her friend Jen to join in, which is fine by me. I just have to do a little grocery shopping for omelet related veggies though.

So I hope to hide away my now, 22 boxes worth of glassware before Sunday when I have guests. lol Maybe if I wake up early I'll be able to load up my car with boxes and drop them at my parents' house. It'll take at least 3 carloads since I hardly drive a big car.

In wedding-ish related news Trevor's old work friend Jerry invited us out tomorrow as a sort of engagement party. She reserved a table or room or whatever at Crush, a local bar in Hartford and invited some of the "old gang." It's supposed to begin around seven p.m. so I'm sure that'll be like appetizers and drinks. I wonder if I'm supposed to dress up for this.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Glass, Glass everywhere

My friend Jenny has already reserved the date of her wedding for her reception at The Waterview (I think). Last I talked to her she hasn't decided on the wedding gown or bridesmaids.

I on the other hand have pretty much all the little details set, but have no idea where we'll actually get married. You know those centerpieces I bought? Well they all came in on Monday morning and they are littering my living room...all 21 boxes worth of glassware. Trevor was a little surprised at the incredible volume of product and when I came home made a small fort out of the boxes.

And yesterday evening I spent all my time checking each and every piece, 168 total for any breaks. I had 3 broken cordial glasses and a broken tray, but considering the vast quantity of product, I don't think that's too shabby at all; particularly since I just used cheap, free with purchase shipping. I'll have to start slowly driving them over to my parents' house a few boxes at a time to store in my old bedroom. And the few broken pieces are being replaced as we speak; Amazon offered to simply send me replacements for the broken ones.

Kim offered the use of her basement but since her lease will end in October it's probably not worth it to move it to her place only to move them somewhere else in a few months.
The more I think about it I think it's a great to get the centerpieces out of the way and they're very cute. They're not 1st quality glassware, but apart from a few bubbles they seem to be just fine and they can certainly withstand the weight of a few candles, candies or flowers.

For the most part I think I'm on calm mode regarding the big day. I'm trying to be as well researched and well informed as I can be since I have a good amount of time to pace myself. It's hard though because I almost want to be married tomorrow and get this whole thing done and over with. lol But I'm clearly going to be bridal crazy for a long time now.

This past weekend we went to the Cape as a late 4th of July outing. Unfortunately for us they decided to do the fireworks display on Wednesday the 4th in the pouring rain instead of pushing it to the weekend like they always do. So we didn't see any fireworks and most of the Cape was also pretty vacant. Alex wasn't in town, Tyler left Saturday morning and as a result I didn't see either of their girlfriends either. We saw Chris and some of his pals, but Allie was working Saturday until 10pm anyway so we hardly saw her.

On the plus side we got to have some delicious Betsy's Diner breakfast which we unfortunately missed out on doing the last time we were up at the Cape. I'm usually not a big greasy spoon kinda gal, but I love their Eggs Benedict. Well, I love Eggs Benedict in general, but they truly do it justice. (It's all about the hollandaise.)

Once we got home on Sunday we were both mildly comatose. Even though fireworks were going off just down the street we were way too tired to bother with shoving through the crowds to see them. Something about being on the shore wipes me out.

In other news Trevor's aunt is throwing his cousin Susan a wedding shower in August that I'm apparently invited to. Having never been to a shower (other than the baby assortment) I'm not 100% about the etiquette. But I think I know what to get her for a present. I don't think that she and Sean are registered anywhere since they've been living together for years and they already have a ton of houseware, but as a girl it's not so hard to figure out what other brides-to-be might appreciate.

I actually ran across this interesting registry idea; the travel registry. Instead of guests buying blenders and toasters they can buy you a couples massage, room service breakfast in bed or swimming with dolphins. It's meant to supplement your honeymoon and make memories instead of filling your pantries.


Stunning Pearl Rings

It's worth a try, right? I've been obsessed with looking for adequately glamourous but non-costume jewelry for my wedding. I'll be sure to check in on this again later and verify if I did get the earrings they promised.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Martinis and Hair

I'm excited to have the gown squared away with and the more I think about it, it's truly the ideal dress for me. I felt like all the other dresses were gorgeous but that they were so over the top that they wore me; I didn't wear them.

I'm surprised that my fiance wasn't more upset about my getting a gown. I think he was more surprised that it was so drama-free and easy. But I'm not really a drama kinda gal anyway. I've been surprisingly definitive regarding my wedding so far mostly because I know exactly what I don't want. Once you know what you don't want, it leaves you with a very small selection of options to choose from.

I'll probably be growing out my hair for the upcoming year. I usually get frustrated around May and chop it off but clearly I need a little length to pull off an up-do that won't just fall down in 10 minutes. I've found the basic idea of what I want to do with my hair. I like that look and I think it'll bode well with my dress. I don't know if it'll go with me and my face shape and proportion yet, but that's what hair trials are for. And I'd like for it to be pulled back slightly to the side, so that the other side can have a nice big flower or something. Some kind of accent piece. I'm anti-veil, anti-tiara so I think it'll be important to have something going on with my hair to make up for that.

I am not sure however of what kind of jewels I'll be wearing. I have my eye on a bracelet of my mother's but I'm not 100% about wearing a necklace or earrings. I don't like the idea of being done simply for the sake of being done but maybe I'll change my mind once I have it all put together. After all, my dress is a little on the plain side so it may balance out my ensemble to have something else that's a little flashy.

I have also purchased some martini sets to use as centerpieces. It sounds odd now, but I feel like it can be pulled off. The big one can either be filled with flowers, candy or floating candles. And since we have the little ones we can use them as favors and fill them with jordan almonds or something and tie them up with tulle to prevent spillage. I don't know how I feel about the little bottom rims being different colors, but that can be remedied with a little ribbon.

I actually wasn't aware that people took centerpieces. It's a more recent thing where I've noticed that people physically walk out of the room with them my own opinion, it looks wildly tacky. Even if I really like someones centerpiece I'm not at all motivated to swipe it. 1.) Because there's probably not enough room for it and me in the car. 2.) I don't really like plants all that much; I'm very talented at not watering them 3.) I feel like it's probably crap I don't need to take home with me because I'll inevitably end up throwing it in the garbage. However, knowing in advance that they'll probably be taken I don't care to put too much money into them. lol No orchids and crystal vases for me.

I like the idea of fruit in lieu of flowers on the tables. I dunno if I'll run with that idea, but I like that you can at least eat fruit. Try as you may, flowers just aren't quite as tasty.

In other non-wedding news (because truly my life has become all wedding all the time) we're going to The Cape this weekend for the fireworks. Mind you, I'm sort of Caped out after two summers of it so I'm not wildly excited yet but it should be fun nonetheless to see all of Trevor's cousins and their friends. I'm not so into the beach now that I'm anti-wrinkle, anti-sun. Next weekend Trevor's old co-worker is throwing us an engagement party thing. I don't have any details yet, but I imagine it'll be dinner and drinks. Apparently she reserved some space for us at a bar somewhere in Hartford for the festivities and invited a number of other old coworkers.

I think it's very nice of them to think of us. My coworkers threw me an early going away luncheon this past Tuesday. It was very nice and even came with cake and an AmEx giftcard as a little going away present. =) They had to throw it early though because of statement time and the fact that it'll be much busier in the coming weeks than it is now. I'll miss my coworkers, but I certainly will not be missing statement times. Bleck.

I'm also starting to contemplate attendants gifts a lot. I don't want to cheap out and get stupid gifts, but I don't want to break the bank since I'll clearly have to buy four of everything. Decisions, decisions.

I'm considering a few venues right now. Trevor and I will have to start planning appointments sometime next week and on. Since it seems to matter much more to him how everything looks and the layout of the facility it's necessary to drag him along even though I know that he hates the very idea of wedding planning. But on the plus side, once we have a date set and a venue he won't have to do anything other than pick out some groomsmen and tuxes.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Chris's Graduation Party

Yesterday's Grad party was a lot of fun.

Aunt Peggy had it catered with Boston Market at the local Elks club. It was also DJ-ed it was a spacious place to hang out. It even came complete with Irish Step Dancers.

Most all of the family I knew came to support Chris and it was a gregarious time for all. Even Susan & Candice came. Chris was a butterfly running around; since it was his party he was obliged to welcome every single person that came in. Devin came up from Philly and he's looking well apart from a significant weight loss since the last time I saw him. Apparently his new job is working him over 50 hours a week so he's finding it difficult to make time for food.

Today Trevor is spending time with Devin kayaking. I passed. I enjoy spending time with them, but I'm not the most avid kayak person of all time, plus Trevor and Devin should have some brother time since they so rarely get to see one another. Rest assured that there are always chores left to be done and wedding planning that I eventually have to get focused about so it'll be nice to have a productive day.

I'm trying to be a healthier shopper. I've always been a budget conscious shopper, but as our wedding gets nearer I know that Trevor wants to focus on losing those few pesky pounds that have been plaguing him. So no more Cheez-Its, no more Cola-drinks, no more bagels, no more cream cheese...etc. are allowed to be purchased anymore as a preventative measure, for both mine and Trevor's sake. Because easy food is almost always the kind that's the least healthy for you. My personal favorite being corn-dogs...but deep fried mystery meat on a stick covered in corn bread probably doesn't rank up there in health benefits.

Speaking of mystery meat, at the Grad party Devin got Chris some Scrapple, which while it sounds a great deal like Snapple, is in fact a meat-like substance formed into a loaf shape. It's kind of like Spam's cheap ghetto cousin. (And all this time I thought Spam was the cheap ghetto cousin.)

Trevor got Chris samurai swords, which he seemed concerned about killing people with if he got drunk. I'm sure he'll find some kind of use for them apart from inflicting pain on others.

I'm gonna run and wash my car before I lose momentum. I took a break and had a Klondike bar after grocery shopping and lugging 6 grocery bags up a flight of stairs into our apartment. It's no small feat, especially considering I'm not the strongest person I know and one of the bags had a 5lb bag of potatoes inside of it.