Chris's Graduation Party

Yesterday's Grad party was a lot of fun.

Aunt Peggy had it catered with Boston Market at the local Elks club. It was also DJ-ed it was a spacious place to hang out. It even came complete with Irish Step Dancers.

Most all of the family I knew came to support Chris and it was a gregarious time for all. Even Susan & Candice came. Chris was a butterfly running around; since it was his party he was obliged to welcome every single person that came in. Devin came up from Philly and he's looking well apart from a significant weight loss since the last time I saw him. Apparently his new job is working him over 50 hours a week so he's finding it difficult to make time for food.

Today Trevor is spending time with Devin kayaking. I passed. I enjoy spending time with them, but I'm not the most avid kayak person of all time, plus Trevor and Devin should have some brother time since they so rarely get to see one another. Rest assured that there are always chores left to be done and wedding planning that I eventually have to get focused about so it'll be nice to have a productive day.

I'm trying to be a healthier shopper. I've always been a budget conscious shopper, but as our wedding gets nearer I know that Trevor wants to focus on losing those few pesky pounds that have been plaguing him. So no more Cheez-Its, no more Cola-drinks, no more bagels, no more cream cheese...etc. are allowed to be purchased anymore as a preventative measure, for both mine and Trevor's sake. Because easy food is almost always the kind that's the least healthy for you. My personal favorite being corn-dogs...but deep fried mystery meat on a stick covered in corn bread probably doesn't rank up there in health benefits.

Speaking of mystery meat, at the Grad party Devin got Chris some Scrapple, which while it sounds a great deal like Snapple, is in fact a meat-like substance formed into a loaf shape. It's kind of like Spam's cheap ghetto cousin. (And all this time I thought Spam was the cheap ghetto cousin.)

Trevor got Chris samurai swords, which he seemed concerned about killing people with if he got drunk. I'm sure he'll find some kind of use for them apart from inflicting pain on others.

I'm gonna run and wash my car before I lose momentum. I took a break and had a Klondike bar after grocery shopping and lugging 6 grocery bags up a flight of stairs into our apartment. It's no small feat, especially considering I'm not the strongest person I know and one of the bags had a 5lb bag of potatoes inside of it.

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