Glass, Glass everywhere

My friend Jenny has already reserved the date of her wedding for her reception at The Waterview (I think). Last I talked to her she hasn't decided on the wedding gown or bridesmaids.

I on the other hand have pretty much all the little details set, but have no idea where we'll actually get married. You know those centerpieces I bought? Well they all came in on Monday morning and they are littering my living room...all 21 boxes worth of glassware. Trevor was a little surprised at the incredible volume of product and when I came home made a small fort out of the boxes.

And yesterday evening I spent all my time checking each and every piece, 168 total for any breaks. I had 3 broken cordial glasses and a broken tray, but considering the vast quantity of product, I don't think that's too shabby at all; particularly since I just used cheap, free with purchase shipping. I'll have to start slowly driving them over to my parents' house a few boxes at a time to store in my old bedroom. And the few broken pieces are being replaced as we speak; Amazon offered to simply send me replacements for the broken ones.

Kim offered the use of her basement but since her lease will end in October it's probably not worth it to move it to her place only to move them somewhere else in a few months.
The more I think about it I think it's a great to get the centerpieces out of the way and they're very cute. They're not 1st quality glassware, but apart from a few bubbles they seem to be just fine and they can certainly withstand the weight of a few candles, candies or flowers.

For the most part I think I'm on calm mode regarding the big day. I'm trying to be as well researched and well informed as I can be since I have a good amount of time to pace myself. It's hard though because I almost want to be married tomorrow and get this whole thing done and over with. lol But I'm clearly going to be bridal crazy for a long time now.

This past weekend we went to the Cape as a late 4th of July outing. Unfortunately for us they decided to do the fireworks display on Wednesday the 4th in the pouring rain instead of pushing it to the weekend like they always do. So we didn't see any fireworks and most of the Cape was also pretty vacant. Alex wasn't in town, Tyler left Saturday morning and as a result I didn't see either of their girlfriends either. We saw Chris and some of his pals, but Allie was working Saturday until 10pm anyway so we hardly saw her.

On the plus side we got to have some delicious Betsy's Diner breakfast which we unfortunately missed out on doing the last time we were up at the Cape. I'm usually not a big greasy spoon kinda gal, but I love their Eggs Benedict. Well, I love Eggs Benedict in general, but they truly do it justice. (It's all about the hollandaise.)

Once we got home on Sunday we were both mildly comatose. Even though fireworks were going off just down the street we were way too tired to bother with shoving through the crowds to see them. Something about being on the shore wipes me out.

In other news Trevor's aunt is throwing his cousin Susan a wedding shower in August that I'm apparently invited to. Having never been to a shower (other than the baby assortment) I'm not 100% about the etiquette. But I think I know what to get her for a present. I don't think that she and Sean are registered anywhere since they've been living together for years and they already have a ton of houseware, but as a girl it's not so hard to figure out what other brides-to-be might appreciate.

I actually ran across this interesting registry idea; the travel registry. Instead of guests buying blenders and toasters they can buy you a couples massage, room service breakfast in bed or swimming with dolphins. It's meant to supplement your honeymoon and make memories instead of filling your pantries.

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