Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kelly's Bouquet Service...Now Open!

I totally said that I was going to do it but because I'm lazy I kept putting it off....UNTIL NOW!

Trevor went to Willi to do a little painting so I took the opportunity to roam around the craft store for supplies, and to the grocery store for...what else? Groceries, but since they also have a floral section I picked up some Gerbera Daisies and Mini-Roses to "experiment" with.

Here are the results of my toiling with wire and ribbons.

I'm actually very satisfied with it even though it's quite small, it has a nice "pop" with the daisies in there. For the real deal I'll probably have a shorter handle but other than that, it's exactly as I imagined. (Since the handle is a little long it's farther from my body and that's why it looks so large in the 2nd picture. It's a good size for a bridesmaids bouquet.) I'm not so in love with all the pink, but that was the nicest combination of sizes and colors they had for under $10. I had to dole out about $20 for craft product like wire and ribbon...I also broke down and got a glue gun, but all those things can be reused at least 10 more times which I probably won't go through anytime soon.

The ribbon is actually a pale yellow, but it looks a little washed out in the pictures. Right now I have it sitting in a glass because my vases are far too big since normal bouquets have much longer stems than this hand-held version. Plus unlike at a real wedding I have no need to carry a bouquet in my hands all day long. I kept the ends un-covered so I could let them stay alive longer but putting them in water. In all the directions I read they tell you to cover them for a better handle.