Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lake or Golf Course?

I'm quite bored at work since I still don't know anything.

On the bright side I've found a place I'm going to tour for our possible wedding venue. The website for The Lily Lake Inn is unusually good for a wedding facility and while it's about 45 minutes away from us, it's still not quite as far as say, the shoreline. They seemed really nice, although I'm a little worried about getting an opening. It seems they're quite booked up but if I like the facility enough I may be willing to compromise on the date.

Apart from them I'm considering The Pavilion but they haven't responded to my email in over a week so their customer service isn't starting off on the best foot. And then after those I'll probably take a gander at a few country clubs. All the cute inns and hotels are out of my price range for an Autumn wedding. And many inns are just too small to cater to a guest list over 100 people.

In jean related news I got my VB Rocks Jeans in the mail and they fit quite well. I'm not used to buying jeans by the waistline (ie: 29" waist versus buying a size 6) but after getting over that hurdle I have to say they don't ride down as easily and therefore get a thumbs up in my book. There simply isn't anything worse than an unintentional butt-crack hanging out. I'm not crazy about the rhinestones but I'm sure those will fall off with time. I'm also eyeing another pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans but I'm trying not to go jeans crazy.

I haven't seen or heard much from Kim now that she's got a man. So it seems as though he may be more than simply some rebound guy. One day I hope to meet him but at this rate it may be some time before mine and Kim's paths intersect. In a way that's good though, she's the kind of person who needs to be occupied or she becomes restless.