Lily Lake; No go

The Lily Lake Inn was very...disappointing for me. The outside is gorgeous, but the inside is...very sparse and 80's-like with floral carpeting and mirrors on the walls. And even the outside was very sparse. I don't know how they would ever fit 100+ people out there for a ceremony unless everyone is awkwardly standing around. Even though they have a very generous amount of land, it's not well utilized and it doesn't flow well. The girl that gave us the tour seemed nice though; she definitely wasn't trying to do any upselling and seemed more than willing to try to accommodate us.

After I woke Trevor up and dragged him 45 minutes out of town I treated him to some Thai food for lunch. We went to East-West Grill in West Hartford. I love their Thai food. Their Lao didn't exactly knock me off my feet when I had it but their Thai is better than most in the area. And their menu is very eclectic enough to include a little Vietnamese and a little Japanese.

We picked up a few items at the asian grocery store since we were in the general area and then went home to do a few chores. One thing I really like about summer is that I feel so much more productive; the sun is out longer and if it's not raining I'm out and about running errands. I washed my car and my dad waxed it for me (he's truly more in love with my car than I am) and I went to the regular grocery store for a bit to pick up some sugar for my mom.

Unfortunately tomorrow is another day back at work. I never dreaded going to work at my old position because I knew what to do. lol Now that I'm kind of bumbling around trying to be trained I feel very...under utilized and I don't like it.

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