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Everyday Minerals

I need to make a PSA. I want to preface this by saying I've never used this product.

Everyday Minerals: I ran into this site while surfing around for reasonably priced makeup that won't rub off/look shiny/make me break out on my wedding day. EM will actually send you free samples with three shades of foundation, a shade of concealer & a shade of blush to figure out which shade goes best with your skintone. All you have to pay for is shipping. I just put in an order for the free samples and the shipping was just under $4, which is very decent considering how much product they're sending your way.

I hate wearing makeup. I never wear it, but everyone's been making a big fuss about mineral makeup recently and I figure it's best to try it out before jumping in and spending like $60 on the popular brand they sell on tv. Ugh, I've never spent $60 on makeup ever.

In any case, I'll update on it when it finally comes in the mail. =)

Cardbox and Traditional Garb

I did buy something for my wedding apart from shoes.

It's a card holder for the reception. All of my side will bring gifts that can fit in envelopes and I think it'd be in bad taste to try and stuff those envelopes messily into whatever purse I have that night. I think it's cute, and it's cardboard so it's easily recyclable once we're done. Liz is recycling a lobster trap from her sister's wedding. She's having a beachy wedding though so it's all part of the theme. They also sell cute birdcage card holders, but I don't think I'd know what to do with a birdcage after the reception is done.

I like random cute stuff as much as the next girl, but realistically, who am I going to pawn an old school birdcage on? I don't even know what to do with the wicker baskets that come along with gift baskets I've gotten. I feel bad throwing that kind of stuff away, but no one needs it littering up their home.

I also IMed my pal Nini today. I mis…

Electronic Bargains and Real Estate

A good Male Oriented Bargain site--> Whoever Ben is, he likes computer parts, mp3 players, phone accessories and video game stuff. Because of one of his posts I got my laptop for under $600 after taxes & rebates, so I definitely make it a point to peruse the site on a regular basis when I'm in the market for some electronics.

My dad's in the market for a flat screen monitor. He doesn't have one (clearly) and he's always looking for electronic related advice and tips. He's so cute. It's nice to have the ability to give advice to my dad after him giving me advice for so many years.

I'm busier at work than I imagined I'd be so soon, but it's been good. I've had a positive experience so far managing my plans. In my down time though I try to find my dad a decently priced monitor. I was looking at wedding stuff for a while but it gets me down. lol I don't really want to worry about monogrammed cocktail napkins …


Ughhhhh my head hurts. I'm having a small fit of allergies & it's a shock to my system to feel so crummy.

Apart from's been a pretty good weekend. It's been a very food-y weekend. They opened up a Price Chopper in Windsor so they've been having opening sales and I stocked up on pretty much the best of everything. We had lobsters for dinner on Friday, Salmon on Saturday and Steaks today. It's not often that we splurge on such good savory foods, but it's also nice because we grilled everything and Trevor had a dominant hand in food prep this time.

I'm a control freak in the kitchen. I'm not a control freak anywhere else really, it's just specifically food and kitchen related. I'm working on it, but I find that I can't help but get anxiety watching Trevor do something in the kitchen.

Anyway...we ate like kings this weekend so I'm sure that I'll kick myself if I'm not healthy all work-week long. Su…

Free Earrings really came

I admit it, I can't say no to free stuff.

Well, imagine my surprise when I checked my mail the day before yesterday. Living in an apartment I'm not terribly fond of checking the mail since I have to go downstairs and I have to technically leave the building so I have to remember my keys or I'll be locked out. In any case we probably don't check the mail half as often as we should so the box was completely stuffed. Like if they wanted to squeeze even one more envelope it'd be quite a struggle for Mr. Mailman. So after digging out our mail and carrying the armload up to our apartment I finally start to divide it up.

Junk card offer...Thank you note from Susan for the shower gifts...tiny manila envelope addressed to me. I looked on the return address and to my dismay it was Pearls Only. I had linked them to my blog some time back & didn't think much of it other than "it couldn't hurt to try it out." Link to their site and get …

Wet Soggy Dress...Sounds Great

Amanda forwarded me something about Trash The Dressand at the time I thought it was pretty frightening sounding but as I continue thinking about it sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Not that I'd want to do anything too out of this world. I think that after our wedding that it'd be fun to pull on that dress again and drag Trevor out to the Cape for some pictures. He in a button down shirt with the arms rolled up with his jacket flung over his shoulder. Me in my gown, hair down in loose waves barefoot in the sand with the edges of my ivory dress skimming the sandy water. I think it's quite the ideal for me in terms of wedding pictures. Something relaxed where I don't have to worry about wrinkling my dress as though it's the end of the world. Something casual and fun where we can actually enjoy ourselves, like this. It's not as though I ever thought that I'd save my dress for my future daughters; god only knows I'd drop dead before thinking about weari…


I spent most of my weekend pretty much vegging out.

I wish I had exciting news to share, but since I'm taking some time off from wedding madness there isn't too much on my plate.

I went shopping for a bit Sunday. By the way, Macy's is having 75% off summer sale stuff. I wanted to find suitable dressy shoes for the big day but all the stuff they had was ugly or way too small for my feet. In any case, I bought some cute work clothes. I don't have them that often, but I had an "I have nothing to wear" episode on Saturday and I felt I owed myself a little something since I've spent all my free time on wedding stuff.

On a side note, why not share a few of my favorite links. <--A great girlie bargain site. They don't update all the time, but when they do you can find some unbelievable designer and non-designer finds. My favorite is their on-going 20% off Linens & Things online code. (cough...registry...cough) & of cou…

DJ almost officially chosen

Trevor & I had a DJ interview on Monday. Rob from Afterhours in Westfield MA was very nice. Trevor & I felt as though Rob would be a fantastic DJ. He was a referral from my co-worker Liz who had gone to a wedding he DJ-ed. He's a tad pricer than Trevor & I want to go, but he'll personally be doing our wedding along with an assistant and would do 2 set ups. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. And I liked that Rob seemed to have everything taken into account so we wouldn't have to worry about it. He even comes with his own backup generator in case anything happens to the electricity. Trevor is in charge of DJ though I think he'll just go with Rob in lieu of trying to search out an alternative DJ.

We still need a photographer. Photographers are not cheap; some people spend more on the photographer than they do on the wedding. Trevor, having already shown a great deal of sticker shock predictably doesn't think spending $1,000+ on a phot…

Weekend with the Girls

It's felt like a very long weekend already and it's only Saturday.

Friday I spent time with Kim & Ryan after completing 3 loads of laundry, making the bed, folding my clothes & overall tidying up of the apartment. Since I'm a giant shut-in most of the time I'm out like a light on weeknights around 11p.m. but since I was meeting up with Kim we only started to go out around 11 p.m. so needless to say I wasn't in tip top form.

Devin was in town and Trevor wanted to see him so I was on my own. I wanted to see Devin too, but since some of his friends came up to the Cape, plus Trevor and their Boston cousins (plus girlfriends and friends) it was a pretty packed cottage. Plus it was raining all day and very cold out so it wasn't exactly prime Cape weather. So I passed on going in favor of getting a few chores done & planning to see my old college roomie in New Haven Saturday.

In any case Kim and her new man are still going strong. Not like I'm surpri…


I read this interesting article.

"On top of bafflement was the sense that I'd cheated. Gotten out of line and moved to the front."

In a way I feel as though I did skip to the front of the line. There are a lot of couples that have been together longer than Trevor & I have and aren't engaged yet. Though I'm very excited about being the Mrs. to his Mr., part of me feels bad for the girls who yearn for it to be their turn.

The photobook I made onShutterfly came in today. It's very cute, and I plan to use it as my guest book for next year. It's a little photo collage of from when we met up until we got engaged in Japan. I got the 8x8 book for free since somewhere along the line I registered with David's Bridal and they sent me a promotional code for a free book as long as I paid for shipping. If I was paying for it I probably would have sprung for the bigger book, but for under $10 I certainly can't complain about what I got.

I'm a big fan of…

Possible Photographer?

My parents seem "eh" about the place we booked for our wedding. On the bright side one of my dad's old co-workers is a photographer so dad will be asking him about possibly doing our wedding.

If that's the case then I think it'd be great to get it off my list of things to do. (phew!)

I made Trevor his favorite dinner tonight and somehow burned my elbow on the oven (ouch) but it's so rare that I decide on making seafood lasagna that I don't entirely mind. It's nice to see him so happy. It's truly the little things that bring us together as a couple. I also made a root beer float for us to share and toasted up some nice warm bread along with our meal.

I get the feeling that I probably put a lot more effort into our weekday meals than most other people do, but I think it's nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal with my soon-to-be-husband. We're going to be our own little family in the near future and it's good practice ;) Trevor…

Susan's Shower

Susan's shower yesterday was a lot of fun. Liza brought some shower games for us to play, the food was good and Aunt Deborah apparently put in a lot of hard work putting everything together. Susan got a lot of gifts and seemed to have a lot of fun.

We made toilet paper wedding gowns. I don't have pictures of it yet, but rest assured that there are pictures that exist in the world with me covered in toilet paper.

Trevor and I got a date and put down our deposit. Now all we need to do is find a photographer and DJ that don't cost us an arm and a leg that isn't entirely inept. I suppose I never knew before but apparently photographers feel free to charge up to $4,000 for a day of work. Even if I liked having a million dusty pictures hanging around (which I don't) that's way too much money to spend.

I have a lot more work ahead of me until all the vendor deposits are done and I'm confident that all the t's are crossed and i's dotted, but I feel like …

The Mill it is

We went on a tour of The Mill on the River yesterday and I think that we're probably going to go with that venue for our ceremony/reception. It's been so hard to find a place to do both and we were just so happy to finally see a beautifully manicured lawn, lake and gazebo. Once we walked outside and saw the ceremony site I saw myself walking down that aisle towards Trevor and it was perfect. It was just as I had imagined it should be.

The room where they have the receptions was a tad small and I'll admit that, but I liked the big window overlooking the water and I liked that we had our own separate balcony for our guests to have cocktails on and chat. I imagine many of the younger folks will be spending their time out there.

So I just have to figure out a way to trim my guest list down so it's not uncomfortable. The first to go will probably be children (sorry children). I cannot trim family or anyone my parents invite. First my parents would never forgive me, I w…