Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cardbox and Traditional Garb

I did buy something for my wedding apart from shoes.

It's a card holder for the reception. All of my side will bring gifts that can fit in envelopes and I think it'd be in bad taste to try and stuff those envelopes messily into whatever purse I have that night. I think it's cute, and it's cardboard so it's easily recyclable once we're done. Liz is recycling a lobster trap from her sister's wedding. She's having a beachy wedding though so it's all part of the theme. They also sell cute birdcage card holders, but I don't think I'd know what to do with a birdcage after the reception is done.

I like random cute stuff as much as the next girl, but realistically, who am I going to pawn an old school birdcage on? I don't even know what to do with the wicker baskets that come along with gift baskets I've gotten. I feel bad throwing that kind of stuff away, but no one needs it littering up their home.

I also IMed my pal Nini today. I miss her a lot, but she'll be in town on the 9th and has asked I come to a BBQ at her parents' house. She'll be bringing her boyfriend as well so it'll be nice to meet him. And of course we can chit chat about weddings since she intends to be engaged this time next year. She was just maid of honor at a friend's wedding in Cali so she's got a lot of Eastern wedding related opinions to share. Kim's the one I go to when I need Western Wedding advice and Nini's my go-to for Vietnamese culture. (Ni's the 2nd from the left.)

She's planning on getting engaged next year and therefore will be in the market for her own wedding things, though I imagine she'll be wed in Cali since that's where she's currently living.

And now I'm reminded of the fact that my mother expects me to be in one of those traditional get ups for my wedding too. Technically, it's called an "Ao Dai." And technically both the bride and groom would be in those sort of outfits, but in this day and age men always favor just wearing their tuxes for a more polished look. Most traditionally a bride would wear a red one because red=good luck. I don't think red works on me that well so I'd opt for a white, gold or pink outfit instead. And since my wedding decor is currently clover green and butter yellow I'd probably opt for yellow just for consistency's sake and so I don't clash with my bridesmaids.

I'll let my mom worry about the details of getting an Ao Dai made for me. I'm not the typical size for a Vietnamese girl so I doubt I could find pre-fab one that wouldn't look like high-waters on me. least I have my wedding gown. Having a secondary dress isn't even a blip on my radar yet but I know my mother cares and as a result she'll be bugging me about it until I do care. Thankfully Trevor's mom doesn't really care, or if she does she's keeping mum about it. I haven't gotten any requests from her about the wedding yet so that's been a nice relief since I've already heard a few people complain about their grooms' moms being very demanding.