Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Electronic Bargains and Real Estate

A good Male Oriented Bargain site--> http://bensbargains.net Whoever Ben is, he likes computer parts, mp3 players, phone accessories and video game stuff. Because of one of his posts I got my laptop for under $600 after taxes & rebates, so I definitely make it a point to peruse the site on a regular basis when I'm in the market for some electronics.

My dad's in the market for a flat screen monitor. He doesn't have one (clearly) and he's always looking for electronic related advice and tips. He's so cute. It's nice to have the ability to give advice to my dad after him giving me advice for so many years.

I'm busier at work than I imagined I'd be so soon, but it's been good. I've had a positive experience so far managing my plans. In my down time though I try to find my dad a decently priced monitor. I was looking at wedding stuff for a while but it gets me down. lol I don't really want to worry about monogrammed cocktail napkins and ice sculptures...it's so not me and yet something about all the wedding browsing makes you want bigger, grander and sparklier. I suppose it's just human nature to want to "keep up with the Joneses."

Doing the bare minimum to have a nice, fun casual party is all I'm looking for. I just want our guests (and us!) to enjoy it and look back on it as a great time. Trevor says his cousins will expect my dad to join in with them and have some shots. Considering how my father turns beet red after 1 beer I don't know if it's realistic to subject my poor old dad to alcohol poisoning just for some jollies.

In Kim news, she's considering moving in with her bf. (I totally saw this coming.) They've been looking at places for him and her lease is going to be up in October anyhow so...duh. Plus they sleep over like every night anyhow. It'll just make life so much easier if they don't have to pack up their overnight bags every other day. It hasn't been all that long but...hey, it's either going to happen sooner or later, but it's definitely going to happen. They're both in the same place where they want to be committed. And who am I to judge? I wanted to move in with my now fiance by the 3rd month we were together.

And on an entirely selfish note, she'll be just that closer to me if she moves into the apartment they liked ;) Kidding aside, it'll make her closer to her parents and obviously she'll be closer to her boyfriend. I hope her parents don't freak out. (They're Catholic.) I imagine as a parent that they won't be quite as laid back about it as I am. I imagine they'll cross that bridge when they get to it.

I think my parents didn't talk to me for like a month after I moved in with Trevor. But even then I knew that they'd forgive us. At the end of the day they love Trevor and they couldn't be happier about us getting married. The last I heard from my mom pretty much all of her brothers and sisters from all across the US and Canada are making it a point to be in town for my wedding next year. So in spite of a few hiccups I can attest to the fact that even my famously strict, conservative and unreasonable parents came around.

In other real estate news, I guess Trevor & I have a big sign over our heads that says future home buyers. I got this weird call on Sunday about real estate from a woman with a thick Vietnamese accent that said that she heard we were in the market for a home and her son is a realtor that he could help us and take us around. I was a tad weirded out by it but I was 100% sure my mother had something to do with it. Later she said that she ran into a woman at temple that was asking about me (apparently she knows me somehow from years ago) and my parents mentioned the wedding and this lady, Kathy immediately inquired for my cell phone number to find out if I needed help with finding a home. lol

I don't know if I'll have any money to put towards a home after all this wedding stuff. I think it's a stretch of the imagination to think that we can really pull off both of these huge financial endeavors. Of course I'd love it since it'd be so convenient to kick off our lives together with a new home but...it's not like I have some kind of romantic notion about home ownership. I can wait it out. I don't trust the current real estate market; the bubble has definitely begun it's deflation. I don't know if it'll bottom out per say since government and regulators don't want to see that happening...but I think it'll at topple some more given how inflated it became. (Just my two cents.)