Free Earrings really came

I admit it, I can't say no to free stuff.

Well, imagine my surprise when I checked my mail the day before yesterday. Living in an apartment I'm not terribly fond of checking the mail since I have to go downstairs and I have to technically leave the building so I have to remember my keys or I'll be locked out. In any case we probably don't check the mail half as often as we should so the box was completely stuffed. Like if they wanted to squeeze even one more envelope it'd be quite a struggle for Mr. Mailman. So after digging out our mail and carrying the armload up to our apartment I finally start to divide it up.

Junk card offer...Thank you note from Susan for the shower gifts...tiny manila envelope addressed to me. I looked on the return address and to my dismay it was Pearls Only. I had linked them to my blog some time back & didn't think much of it other than "it couldn't hurt to try it out." Link to their site and get some free earrings? The worst that could happen is that I wouldn't get them. But lo and behold, I did.

So by no means are these earrings I would ever in my life buy. They're slightly blemished pearls but all the blemishes are on the side and not head on so when I tried them on you can hardly notice. They're not round like perfect little marbles...I'd say they're more like a button, rounded on top but flatter where the post is attached. And they have silver posts (for those with allergic reactions) which look sturdy enough for daily use. BUT, considering I didn't invest a single red penny I do feel like it was incredibly kind and generous of them to send me a pair of earrings just for giving them a shout out.

I might buy something off their site or sister site in the future considering how they kept their word.

Trevor bought me a pearl strand for Christmas. It's very simple and it actually surprises me how much I like it. It really adds some class to any outfit I have, particularly the work related ones. It's also very weighty which is a quality that costume jewelery rarely has. It actually stays in place. And though I often find myself twisting my pearl strand necklace whenever I'm feeling bored or stressed out it still manages to stay together. I have broken many necklaces and bracelets in my day.

I want some cool wedding jewels. I don't need to be blinged out like J.Lo or anything, but I'd like to keep it classy & have some nice accessories for my big walk down the aisle. The search begins... lol

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