I spent most of my weekend pretty much vegging out.

I wish I had exciting news to share, but since I'm taking some time off from wedding madness there isn't too much on my plate.

I went shopping for a bit Sunday. By the way, Macy's is having 75% off summer sale stuff. I wanted to find suitable dressy shoes for the big day but all the stuff they had was ugly or way too small for my feet. In any case, I bought some cute work clothes. I don't have them that often, but I had an "I have nothing to wear" episode on Saturday and I felt I owed myself a little something since I've spent all my free time on wedding stuff.

On a side note, why not share a few of my favorite links. <--A great girlie bargain site. They don't update all the time, but when they do you can find some unbelievable designer and non-designer finds. My favorite is their on-going 20% off Linens & Things online code. (cough...registry...cough) & of course if you're a designer denim junkie like me it's much easier than trolling the entire internet for sales.
<--One of the most comprehensive wedding related sites I've stumbled across. I like how they have user reviews & some general prices listed so you can narrow down the least the field that exists in CT. Plus you don't have to sign up with a member ID before being able to get relevant info.

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