The Mill it is

We went on a tour of The Mill on the River yesterday and I think that we're probably going to go with that venue for our ceremony/reception. It's been so hard to find a place to do both and we were just so happy to finally see a beautifully manicured lawn, lake and gazebo. Once we walked outside and saw the ceremony site I saw myself walking down that aisle towards Trevor and it was perfect. It was just as I had imagined it should be.

The room where they have the receptions was a tad small and I'll admit that, but I liked the big window overlooking the water and I liked that we had our own separate balcony for our guests to have cocktails on and chat. I imagine many of the younger folks will be spending their time out there.

So I just have to figure out a way to trim my guest list down so it's not uncomfortable. The first to go will probably be children (sorry children). I cannot trim family or anyone my parents invite. First my parents would never forgive me, I would never hear the end of it for the rest of my life and second, those guests are the ones who actually bring worthwhile presents, ie: a generous amount of money. After that I imagine I'll be trimming out friends that I'm not that close to because if I don't hang out with you then much there's no reason for me to spend ~$200 for you and your date to eat. Is it cold-hearted to say? Of course it is, but everyone who has planned a wedding & had to "trim their guestlist" knows the reason for doing it is because it's just too expensive otherwise. Basically I don't want to invite a deadbeat who can't open up their wallet enough to pay at least half the cost of what I'm paying to feed them & their date. Love may not have a price tag, but open bar and prime rib certainly do.

But since Trevor has been very negative about all the over venues I've brought him to, if he likes The Mill on the River then it makes life that much easier. It's just a matter of if we like their food, but pretty much everyone with the exception of Kim has had nothing but good things to say about their menu. And while I love Kim I've noticed we don't agree on food very often. Thankfully the Mill people said they'd be happy to let us do a tasting. Plus they're a restaurant in addition to being a banquet facility so we can always just go to dinner there one night and check it out. The only negative I have about the Mill is that our date is taken. We'd have to work out a different date because every single Saturday evening in September of 2008 is booked solid. Yes, over a year in advance all the good dates are taken. Let that be a lesson to any other brides out there to start scouting as soon as humanly possible. Trevor refuses to do a Friday night because guests will be forced to take a day off to go so we'll probably be doing a Sunday night and since you can pick the hours of your event we'll probably start it around 2 or 3 and it'll end around 9 so people can reasonably call it a night and go home if they didn't get a hotel room.

I finished wrapping my shower gifts for Susan last night. I ran out of paper towards the end, so I did the best I could considering that at midnight there wouldn't be much open and I couldn't get more wrapping paper. Liza said she had a few games for us to play at the shower, which could be a fun or very awkward time. lol I gotta go though, I have to get dressed!

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